Axiom Delirium Distance Driver Review

axiom delirium

The Axiom Delirium Disc Golf Disc is a high-quality disc that is designed for experienced disc golf players. This disc is known for its impressive speed and stability, which makes it perfect for long-distance throws and windy conditions.

One of the things that I love about the Axiom Delirium Disc Golf Disc is its unique design. The disc has a beautiful, eye-catching design that is sure to turn heads on the course. The colors are vibrant and the graphic design is stunning, making it a great addition to any disc golf collection.

In terms of performance, the Axiom Delirium Disc Golf Disc is a real standout. The disc is incredibly fast and stable, which makes it perfect for long-distance throws. It has a predictable flight path and is easy to control, even in windy conditions. This disc is also very durable and can withstand a lot of wear and tear, which is important for disc golfers who play frequently.

The Axiom Delirium Disc Golf Disc is classified as an overstable distance driver, which means that it is designed to fly straight for a longer distance before fading left (for right-handed backhand throws). This makes it ideal for long-distance throws and windy conditions, as it can cut through the wind and maintain its flight path.

The disc has a speed rating of 12, which means that it is one of the faster discs available on the market. This allows it to cover a lot of ground quickly and is perfect for players who want to maximize their distance off the tee.

In terms of stability, the Axiom Delirium Disc Golf Disc has a rating of 1.7 on the stability scale. This means that it has a moderate level of stability, which makes it easy to control and predictable in flight. It has a slight turn to the right (for right-handed backhand throws) before fading left, which allows players to shape their shots and control the disc’s flight path.

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About Axiom

Axiom is a reputable name in the disc golf world, known for creating high-quality and performance-oriented discs. Their product line caters to a wide range of players, from beginners making their first throws to seasoned pros seeking the perfect disc for their next tournament.

About the Delirium Disc

The Delirium is one of Axiom’s stand-out offerings, part of their 24.5mm rim class, along with the Tantrum and Excite. It is touted as an overstable distance driver that’s built for maximum speed. It excels in big hyzer shots and wind fighting, promising to take you further than other discs if you’ve got the arm for it.


Standout Features of the Axiom Delirium

Design and Appearance

The Axiom Delirium sports a sleek design that’s as functional as it is appealing. Its dimensions include a diameter of 21.10 cm, height of 1.80 cm, rim depth of 1.20 cm, and rim width of 2.50 cm, with a max weight of 175.00 g. The wide rim ensures a firm grip, allowing for powerful throws.

Flight Characteristics

The Delirium’s flight numbers are 14.5 / 5.0 / -0.5 / 3.0. This means it boasts high speed, significant glide, slight turn, and a moderate fade. It promises stability and control, even in windier conditions.

Durability and Material

Made with double mold plastic, the Axiom Delirium is built to last. It’s not only robust but also provides a comfortable feel, making it a great choice for players who frequently play disc golf.

Price and Value

While slightly more expensive than some other discs, the Axiom Delirium offers excellent value for its price. It’s a solid investment for players looking for a reliable and durable distance driver.


Who Should Consider the Axiom Delirium?


While the Delirium is not as beginner-friendly as some other discs due to its wide rim and high-speed rating, it could still be a valuable addition to a beginner’s disc golf bag for learning to throw faster discs.

Intermediate Players

The Axiom Delirium shines with intermediate players who have developed enough arm speed to take advantage of its flight characteristics. It can help intermediate players achieve further throws and improve their game.

Advanced Players

Advanced players will love the Delirium’s ability to handle powerful throws and perform in windy conditions. Its reliable stability and impressive distance make it a go-to disc for many seasoned disc golfers.


How the Axiom Delirium Performs in Different Conditions

Calm Conditions

In calm conditions, the Axiom Delirium exhibits predictable flight characteristics with a reliable fade at the end. Its stability allows it to hold the line and deliver consistent throws.

Windy Conditions

The Delirium shines in windy conditions, where its overstable nature comes into play. It’s capable of fighting the wind and maintaining its flight path, making it a reliable choice for windy days.


Comparison with Other Discs

Axiom Tantrum

The Tantrum is another disc in the same class as the Delirium. While both are overstable, the Delirium offers a bit more speed and a slightly wider rim.

Axiom Excite

The Excite, like the Delirium, is designed for maximum speed. However, the Delirium has slightly more stability, making it a better option for those who need a disc that can fight the wind.


Axiom Delirium Recap 

The Axiom Delirium is a high-speed, overstable distance driver that shines in a variety of conditions. It offers impressive distance, reliable stability, and a durable build, making it a fantastic addition to any disc golfer’s bag. Its wide rim and substantial weight provide a solid grip, while its flight characteristics promise performance and control.



Final Thoughts

The Axiom Delirium is more than just a disc; it’s a tool that can help enhance your disc golf experience. Whether you’re a beginner trying to navigate the game, an intermediate player striving to reach the next level, or an advanced disc golfer seeking reliability and performance, the Delirium can cater to your needs. While it may require a higher investment than some other discs, the value it offers is undeniable.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the Axiom Delirium suitable for beginners?

While the Delirium can be a bit challenging for beginners due to its wide rim and high-speed rating, it can be a good disc for learning to throw faster discs.

2. How does the Axiom Delirium perform in windy conditions?

The Delirium excels in windy conditions. Its overstable nature allows it to fight the wind and maintain its flight path.

3. What is the Axiom Delirium made of?

The Delirium is made of double mold plastic, which is known for its durability and comfortable feel.

4. How does the Axiom Delirium compare to the Axiom Tantrum and Excite?

While all three discs are designed for speed, the Delirium offers slightly more speed than the Tantrum and has a bit more stability than the Excite.

5. What are the flight numbers for the Axiom Delirium?

The flight numbers for the Delirium are 14.5 / 5.0 / -0.5 / 3.0.

6. Is the Axiom Delirium a good value for the price?

Yes, the Delirium offers excellent value for its price, thanks to its durable material, reliable flight characteristics, and overall performance.

7. Can the Axiom Delirium help me throw further?

Yes, with its high-speed rating and significant glide, the Delirium can help players achieve further throws.

8. How does the Axiom Delirium perform on big hyzer shots?

The Delirium excels at big hyzer shots, thanks to its stability and reliable fade at the end of its flight.

9. What is the weight of the Axiom Delirium?

The max weight of the Delirium is 175.00 g.

10. Can I use the Axiom Delirium for forehand throws?

Yes, the Delirium is versatile and can handle both backhand and forehand throws effectively.


Overall, the Axiom Delirium Disc Golf Disc’s stability and stats make it a great choice for experienced players who want a reliable, high-performance disc that can handle a variety of conditions. Its speed and stability allow for long-distance throws and its predictable flight path makes it easy to control, even in windy conditions.

It is a high-quality disc that offers excellent performance and durability, and its unique design is sure to turn heads on the course. Whether you’re looking for a new disc to add to your collection or a reliable disc for competitive play, the Axiom Delirium Disc Golf Disc is definitely worth considering.


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