Disc Living Sling Bag Review: It's Cool but is It Functional?

If you’re an avid disc golfer or just starting out, knowing where to stash your discs is as important as having the right technique. We’ve got the scoop on the Disc Living bag that could be just the right partner for your next game.

Crafted from heavy-duty 16 oz waxed canvas, this piece not only looks neat on the course but stands up to the wear and tear of outdoor sports with ease.

What catches our eye is the bag’s smart design, which allows you to comfortably carry up to 10 discs. With tailored compartments for different types of discs and a handy bottle holder, it ensures you’ve got everything within reach for a full day of play.

And what’s more, it’s got multiple carrying options to suit your style. Tuck it in with a belt loop for a hands-free round or sling it over your shoulder when you’re moving from hole to hole.

Disc Living Bag

Bottom Line

The Disc Living bag seems to be a no-brainer for those looking to keep their game organized and their gear secure.

With its robust build, easy carrying options, and just enough room for essential discs and a drink, it invites you to step up your disc golf game.

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Disc Golf Bag Overview

When we’re out on the course, we all want a bag that can keep up with our game. Disc Living’s bag impresses with its sturdy 16 oz waxed canvas construction; rest assured, it’s built to endure the elements and the occasional rough landing.

For those who appreciate ease of carry, the included belt loop offers a hands-free option, while the adjustable, padded strap provides a comfortable shoulder carry.

The bag is surprisingly spacious, with room for up to 10 discs—though a perfect fit for 6 to 9, guaranteeing quick access during play. The thoughtful organizer pockets make sure our drivers, midranges, and putters have a dedicated space.

And let’s not forget the mesh bottle holder, secured by an elastic strap, so staying hydrated is never a concern.

However, if you’re the type who likes to pack heavy, note that fitting in the full 10 discs may be a tight squeeze.

As for the water bottle holder, it might not satisfy those with a larger thirst, but it’s just right for a standard 20 oz bottle.

While this bag doesn’t shout “professional gear,” it carries a charm that’s hard to overlook. It suits everyone from casual weekend players to those more serious about their disc golf. Plus, its classic brown canvas style makes it a fine choice for anyone who values a blend of functionality and aesthetics on the green.

Key Features

Exploring a new disc golf bag can be exciting, especially when considering how it will up your game. Disc Living’s bag promises to do just that, and we’re here to break down its key features.

Durable 16oz Waxed Canvas Construction

When it comes to withstanding the outdoors, the sturdiness of the material is crucial. This bag’s waxed canvas is robust and ready to take on the elements.

It’s lightweight, so it won’t add unnecessary burden to your trek, and the reinforced stitching means it’s not giving out on you anytime soon.

Easy to Carry with Multiple Strap Options

No one likes to lug around a cumbersome bag, which is why the carrying options matter.

You can strap this bag onto your waist, adopting a hands-free posture that’s perfect for casual rounds. If you prefer the classic over-the-shoulder style, the adjustable padded strap has got you covered, adapting to your comfort preference.

Spacious Organized Storage

We all appreciate a bag that can carry our essentials without turning into a jumbled mess.

This bag fits up to 10 discs, with double compartments catering to different disc categories.

And don’t worry about staying hydrated out there—the secure water bottle holder ensures your beverage is always within reach.

Versatile Design for Various Disc Golfers

Whether you’re just starting or have been hitting the chains for years, the design of this bag works for you. The double button enclosure adapts to the number of discs you carry, preventing the bag from feeling too loose or cramped.

It’s a testament to its thoughtful design, aimed at versatility and convenience for all kinds of players.

Integrated Beverage Holder

Out on the course on a hot day, staying hydrated is key. The integrated mesh beverage holder on this bag is a simple yet clever addition.

It’s secured with an elastic strap so you can walk, throw, and score without worrying about spillage.

It seems like a small feature, but it’s those little things that often make the most significant difference.


When we talk about durability, this disc golf bag certainly raises the bar with its sturdy 16oz waxed canvas.

We appreciate that it’s designed for the rough and tumble of weekend courses, and its high-quality stitching means it won’t let you down mid-game.

It’s lightweight too, so carrying it around the course is a breeze.

Carrying options are varied – you can either use the belt loops for a hands-free experience or sling it over your shoulder with the padded strap.

What stands out is the organizational space it offers; fitting up to 10 discs and designed with separate compartments, it keeps everything arranged just how you like it.

There’s even a secure mesh holder for your water bottle, which is handy for staying hydrated, and extra space to stash your scorecard.

The adjustable magnetic button closure is quite clever, adapting to the number of discs and their sizes ensuring a snug fit every time.

Plus, whether you’re playing casually or competing at higher levels, this bag caters to all skills with its inclusive design.

It’s also vegan, a nice touch for those who are conscious about product origins.

It’s not just a functional piece of equipment – it’s clear the designers have put thought into its minimalist and versatile aesthetic, which transitions smoothly from one course to another.

A bag like this becomes more than just a carrier for your gear; it’s a reliable sidekick for your disc golf adventures.


While we appreciate the Disc Living bag’s lightweight design and sturdy waxed canvas construction, we’ve noticed some areas where it might not meet everyone’s needs.

The bag advertises fitting up to 10 discs, but from our understanding, this can be quite snug, especially if your discs aren’t particularly thin. It seems more comfortable to carry around six to nine discs for quick access.

The included bottle holder is designed for a 20 oz water bottle, which might not be sufficient hydration for those of us who need a bit more water during a lengthy round of disc golf.

On top of that, if you’re someone who carries a variety of discs, you might find the compact size of the bag limiting, as it seems to cater to players with a lighter playstyle who don’t require a full range of discs.

Another minor point to consider is the newness of the bag—the tight fit for the maximum number of discs could potentially loosen over time, but initially, it could be a bit of a squeeze.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a bag to hold a full set of discs right off the bat, you might want to consider other options.

What Customers Are Saying

We’ve seen a lot of praise for the Disc Living disc golf bag among the community, highlighting its durability and lightweight design.

Users appreciate that it’s ideal for casual players who prefer to carry a selected few discs. The strong waxed canvas material receives positive marks for both its appearance and longevity potential.

However, some buyers note it’s smaller than expected, recommending a reality check for those who may need extra space.

While it’s marketed to hold up to 10 discs, a few find this to be a tight fit, especially for those who carry a variety of disc types.

The bottle holder is a welcome feature, although it caters to smaller 20 oz bottles—a detail to consider for the hydration-conscious player.

Attractiveness and craftsmanship are often mentioned, with many buyers finding it a smart-looking choice that neatly fits into a relaxed outdoor lifestyle.

A handful of users bought the bag as gifts and received glowing feedback from recipients.

Disc enthusiasts looking for a compact, unobtrusive bag to tote their essentials around the course seem to be quite satisfied with their purchase overall.

Despite the capacity concerns, the general consensus leans towards a well-made, functional bag that has been a pleasant surprise to many in the disc golf community.

Is It Worth the Investment?

When we’re on the hunt for a disc golf bag that balances functionality with simplicity, it’s crucial to weigh the pros and cons.

The Disc Living bag has gathered high praise for its durability and lightweight design, making it a reliable companion for those familiar courses where a full arsenal isn’t necessary.

With the ability to snugly fit about 8 discs, it’s ideal for players who prefer a more streamlined game.

However, users should be aware of its size limitations; while advertised to hold up to 10 discs, this can be a tight fit, especially if your collection isn’t made up of slimmer discs.

The 20 oz bottle holder may suffice for short rounds, although avid players might need to consider their hydration needs for longer sessions.

Crafted from sturdy waxed canvas, this bag echoes a sentiment of lasting quality and style that won’t quit.

Moreover, the bottle holder and the double button design add a touch of both convenience and charm.

Although perfect for a casual player, those looking to carry a larger variety may find this bag a bit on the small side.

In terms of investment, if you’re seeking a modest, well-constructed bag for casual play and don’t require extensive disc space, this could be a smart pick.

Our discerning community tends to appreciate the bag’s aesthetic and the bang for the buck it provides, especially for those who prioritize a light carry.


We’ve gathered that the Disc Living bag offers a great balance of durability, convenience, and style for the casual disc golfer. Many users rave about the quality, highlighting its sturdy waxed canvas material and the comfortable fit for a quick round.

Although the bag is marketed to fit up to 10 discs, we’ve noticed that it tends to be a snug fit—perfect if you prefer a lean set but perhaps not if you like to carry a full arsenal.

The compact size has been praised for its practicality, perfect for players who don’t want to lug around a bulky bag.

The double button design and belt loop are clever touches, making it easily portable and secure. While the bottle holder size might not accommodate larger water bottles, it’s handy for a standard-sized drink to stay hydrated during the game.

It’s also worth mentioning that this bag exudes a touch of class with its aesthetic—I mean, who doesn’t appreciate gear that looks good?

In summary, if you’re in the market for a compact, well-made, and stylish disc golf bag that can carry a moderate number of discs, this product could be a great fit for you. Just keep in mind that if you’re looking to stuff it to the brim with 10 discs, it might be a bit of a squeeze.