Throwback Sack Disc Golf Bag: Cooler Combo Worth It?

Disc golf lovers, take note! The Throwback Sack from Throwback Sports may be just the thing to upgrade your game days.

Picture yourself walking the course with everything you need comfortably at hand: your discs, drinks, and gear all in one spot.

This isn’t just any disc golf bag; it doubles as a cooler. That’s right, this bag is designed to carry both your selection of 12 to 15 discs and up to 6 cold drinks to quench your thirst throughout the day.

The additional pockets – including a pencil holder, a putter pocket, and a zippered space for your phone or wallet – add convenience, ensuring that you have everything you need for a satisfying round of disc golf.

Plus, with the extra padding on the back and the adjustable strap, you’ll barely notice it’s there, even if you’re playing all day.

Throwback Sack

Bottom Line

The Throwback Sack strikes a fine balance between functionality and comfort, perfect for disc golf enthusiasts who appreciate a good game and staying refreshed.

With its handy cooler compartment and various convenience features, it checks many boxes for a worry-free, enjoyable disc golf experience.

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Overview of The Throwback Sack

Imagine hitting the disc golf course with everything you need comfortably slung over your shoulder. The Throwback Sack could be your trusty companion, with a clever design that satisfies both your disc and drink carrying needs.

Functionality meets leisure as this bag not only stows away 12-15 of your favorite frisbees but also keeps up to six cold drinks within arm’s reach in its built-in cooler.

Considering comfort, this bag doesn’t skimp on the padding. The thick padded back intends to ease your burden, and the adjustable strap helps you find the perfect fit to enjoy the game from sunrise to sunset.

Convenience is stitched into every aspect, from the putter pocket to the handy pencil holder, not to mention the zippered pocket for your valuables.

While nobody’s perfect, the brand has a lot of confidence in the Sack’s durability, backing it up with a one-year warranty. That’s a good safety net and shows the brand cares about long-term satisfaction.

But it’s not without its flaws—some users noted the strap or the bag showed wear sooner than expected.

A solid accessory for beginners and casual players alike, remember it might not withstand the roughness of daily, heavy use.

The Throwback Sack seems a worthy pick for those who appreciate a practical layout and a dual-purpose bag that serves up convenience and coolness—literally. Just watch out for its lifespan if you’re hitting the disc golf greens often.

Key Features

Imagine you’re on the course, discs at the ready, but you’re also craving that cool drink to keep your spirits up. That’s where the Throwback Sack steps in, blending storage and refrigeration into a neat package for your disc golf adventures.

Half Disc Carrier, Half Cooler

This cleverly designed bag effortlessly juggles two roles. On one side, it’s equipped to carry your arsenal of 12 discs, ensuring you’re prepared for every fairway challenge.

Flip the bag around, and it transforms into a cooler, with space enough for six 12 oz. cans to stay chilled. A day on the course just got a whole lot cooler, literally.

Play Refreshed

Don’t just settle for warm sips between throws. The integrated cooler not only keeps those half a dozen cans cold, but also includes an insulated drink holder for a 32 oz. bottle.

Whether it’s water or something with a bit more kick, your beverages stay refreshing round after round.

All Day Comfort

Those long hours of play demand comfort, and the Throwback Sack delivers. A thickly padded back saves you from any strain, while the adjustable comfort strap caters to your build, making it feel like the bag is a natural extension of your body.

Say goodbye to those end-of-the-day aches and hello to more rounds.

Extra Amenities

It’s the little things that make a big difference. The bag doesn’t skimp on additional features: a pencil holder for score keeping, a putter pocket for quick access, and a towel clip for those sweaty palms.

A zippered pocket safeguards your phone and wallet, while the sturdy base and plastic feet keep the bag upright.

All of this comes with the peace of mind provided by a 1-year warranty against defects. If something isn’t right, rest assured you’ll be taken care of.

Friendly rounds, refreshing drinks, and hassle-free plays are all part of the package with the Throwback Sack. It’s a companion that understands the game as well as you do.

Design and Quality

If you’re on the lookout for a disc golf bag that won’t let you down, the Throwback Sack by Throwback Sports is a cozy little home for your discs and drinks.

In a sleek black color, its design is as practical as it is aesthetically pleasing, seamlessly blending functionality with style.

While the bag boasts a substantial capacity—carrying 12 to 15 discs—it doesn’t compromise on comfort, thanks to its extra padding and adjustable comfort strap.

The quality of this bag is reflected in its attention to detail, with a putter pocket, towel clip, and a zippered pocket for your essentials. The robust base and plastic feet ensure stability and durability.

However, not all is perfect in paradise; some users have reported durability issues after a year, which is somewhat mitigated by the 1-year warranty offered by Throwback Sports.

A nifty feature that sets it apart is the integrated cooler that keeps up to six drinks chilled, a lifesaver for those long days on the course.

While compact, this bag uses its space wisely; it even includes an insulated drink holder for a larger 32 oz. bottle.

So, while you’re out chasing those birdies, your bag will be taking care of your thirst-quenching needs.

Just remember, while this bag does many things right, the longevity may vary, so it’s worth considering how often you’ll be hitting the fairways.

Pros and Cons

When it comes to finding the perfect disc golf bag, what you choose can truly elevate your game day experience. Let’s dive into the advantages and drawbacks of the Throwback Sack to help you decide if it meets your needs on the course.


  • Dual Functionality: The bag impressively combines disc storage with a dedicated cooling compartment, allowing you to carry up to 12 discs alongside 6 chilled drinks, ensuring hydration and convenience are always within arm’s reach.
  • Comfortable Design: Players can expect a comfortable carrying experience due to the thick padding on the back and an adjustable strap crafted for all-day wear, helping to reduce fatigue during those extended games.
  • Added Features: With practicality in mind, this bag includes a pencil holder, putter pocket, and towel clip, among other amenities, designed to keep your essentials organized and easily accessible while you’re on the course.
  • Durability & Warranty: The sturdy base with plastic feet adds to the bag’s robustness, and the 1-year warranty offers a layer of protection and customer satisfaction beyond Amazon’s standard 30-day return policy.


  • Potential Durability Issues: Although most users find the bag reliable, some have encountered early wear and tear, such as strap issues after extended use, suggesting that the long-term durability might vary.
  • Size Concerns: The compact nature of the bag has surprised some users. Despite a well-organized design, those carrying more than the intended number of discs or looking for extra storage space may find the bag limiting.
  • Inconsistencies in Longevity: While there’s the reassurance of a warranty, the occasional report of the bag starting to deteriorate after a year could be a concern for players who heavily rely on their gear and want it to last through constant use.

Customer Reviews

It seems like the Throwback Sack is hitting the mark for many disc golf enthusiasts like you. With a solid average rating of 4.2 from over 330 total ratings, buyers have been generally satisfied.

Users have appreciated the bag’s capacity, often holding more than 15 discs comfortably if you tweak the divider settings.

There’s a sense of satisfaction among buyers who pack their cold drinks along, as the cooler compartment does its job well.

However, durability has been a point of contention. While some are happy with the bag’s resilience over several months, others have faced strap issues or wear and tear within a year.

In an impressive turn of customer service, the brand did replace a bag for one reviewer who experienced early breakage, which might provide some reassurance about after-sales support.

The bag’s size has positively surprised some users who were initially concerned about bulkiness, finding the shoulder strap design both comfortable and convenient.


In the realm of disc golf, finding a reliable bag that can carry all your essentials is crucial. The Throwback Sack promises a blend of capacity and convenience, accommodating 12-15 discs and keeping up to six drinks cold.

While its comfort and extra padding are high points mentioned by users, its durability over time has been called into question by a few.

You’ll appreciate its stratified storage and chilled refreshments on the course, a feature that’s bound to make you popular among friends.

However, it’s wise to consider that a handful of buyers have faced longevity issues after a year.

Balancing the pros and cons, this bag seems like an apt choice for anyone looking to combine their love for the game with the practicality of storage.

But as with any product, weigh your expectations with the experiences of past buyers to determine if this is the ace up your sleeve for your disc golf adventures.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you’re diving into the world of disc golf, the sheer variety of bags available can be overwhelming. We’ve gathered some common questions to help guide your decision, no matter if you’re just starting out or are a seasoned player looking for an upgrade.

Which features should I look for in a disc golf backpack?

Key features to consider are storage capacity, durability, comfort, and any additional conveniences like insulated drink holders or extra pockets.

A good disc golf backpack should balance these elements, allowing you to carry enough discs for your game while ensuring that the weight doesn’t bring you down.

What’s the best way to organize discs in a disc golf bag?

Organizing discs often comes down to personal preference, but a common method is to sort them by type (drivers, mid-range, putters) and then by usage frequency.

Some bags, like The Throwback Sack, offer dividers for easy separation. It’s also handy to keep your most-used discs within easy reach.

Can you recommend any durable disc golf bags for regular play?

Yes. Durability is critical, and the Throwback Sack is known for its robust design. With a sturdy base, plastic feet, and padding, it stands up well to regular use. Bags that offer warranties, as this one does, are also a sign that the manufacturer backs the durability of their product.

How much storage do I need in a disc golf bag for accessories?

Aside from your discs, you’ll want enough room for personal items and disc golf accessories. The Throwback Sack, for example, has a zippered pocket for phones and wallets, plus a cooler. Consider how much extra gear you carry, like towels, spare clothes, or snacks, when choosing your bag size.

Are there specific disc golf bags designed for tournament play?

Tournament players often need extra space for additional discs and accessories. Look for bags with ample storage, multiple pockets, and easy access to discs and gear. For example, The Throwback Sack’s additional features like a pencil holder, putter pocket, and towel clip cater well to the tournament setting.

What are the benefits of owning a lightweight disc golf bag?

A lightweight bag, such as The Throwback Sack, reduces fatigue, which can be a game-changer during long rounds or courses with challenging terrain.

The comfort strap and thick padded back also contribute to a more enjoyable experience, allowing you to focus on your throws rather than your load.