Dynamic Discs Soldier Cooler Bag Review: Course Navigator

Have you been on the lookout for a bag that’s not too bulky yet spacious enough for all your discs? The Dynamic Discs Soldier Bag might just tick all the boxes for you.

Its design comfortably holds over 18 discs, which includes a front pocket specifically for your favorite putters. Its cobalt blue hue is eye-catching on the course, and the build quality suggests it’s ready to accompany you on countless rounds.

The Soldier Bag also comes with dual water bottle holders, capacious enough for 32oz bottles, keeping you hydrated during long games. Furthermore, it boasts extra storage pockets for your valuables and accessories—making sure that your snacks, keys, and phone are all within easy reach during play.

Dynamic Discs Soldier Disc Golf Bag

You won’t be weighed down with this bag, thanks to its padded and adjustable shoulder strap ensuring your comfort from the first drive to the final putt. Users have recognized its durability and space, though some may wish for added padding on the shoulder strap—still, this is a minor quibble that can be improvised on as needed.

Bottom Line

The Dynamic Discs Soldier Bag presents a blend of functionality, comfort, and style. Whether you’re new to disc golf or looking to replace an old bag, this one’s a solid pick.

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Dynamic Discs Soldier Disc Golf Bag Overview

If you’re in the market for a reliable companion on the disc golf course, you might find the Soldier bag from Dynamic Discs to be a worthy contender.

Its capacity to hold over 18 discs allows you to carry all the variety you might need for a day on the course. Notably, the front “on-deck” putter pocket provides quick access to your go-to putters, making your game more efficient.

The bag also shines with its storage features. With a pair of sizable water bottle holders and additional zippered pockets for valuables, you’ll find that there’s plenty of room for all your necessities. It’s clear that the design supports a full day of play without the need to return to your car or home for supplies.

However, a couple of aspects might need consideration.

While it’s mentioned that the shoulder strap has padding, some might prefer a bit more cushioning for comfort during extended use. And assembly might be a bit puzzling initially, as the dividers seem to cause some confusion and no instructions are provided.

Good On Details

When considering a disc golf bag for those casual weekend games or even semi-competitive frisbee golf, it’s the practical details that make the difference.

With a fine balance between capacity and convenience, the Soldier Bag from D·D Dynamic Discs offers a selection of features that could sway your decision.

18 Disc Capacity

This bag comfortably carries a mix of 18 discs, tailored to your game strategy. Whether it’s primarily putters, midranges, or drivers, they’ll be accessible and ready:

  • Main compartment: zippered and spacious for easy organization.
  • Disc variation: Holds any combination of disc types.

On-Deck Putter Pocket

Your crucial, game-deciding putters deserve their dedicated spot. The on-deck pocket provides that:

  • Front pocket: specifically designed for easy access to two putters.
  • Secure storage: ensuring they remain at hand precisely when you need them.

Storage and Convenience

Beyond the discs, this bag delivers on storage needs for those extra essentials:

  • Valuables: Two zippered pockets safeguard your keys, wallet, or phone.
  • Hydration: Dual water bottle pockets fit 32oz bottles, keeping you hydrated.


Durability in outdoor sports gear is non-negotiable, which is why the material matters:

  • Constructed of robust Oxford fabric.
  • Presented in a striking Cobalt Blue color, this bag is as tough as it is visually appealing.

From first-time players to those looking to replace an old, well-worn bag, the Soldier Disc Golf Bag combines a compact design with the ability to carry a full suite of discs and accessories. Its premium features cater to the essentials of disc golf, making it a contender on the field.

Pros and Cons

When choosing the right disc golf bag, it’s important to weigh the strengths and potential drawbacks. Let’s dive in and see what makes the Soldier bag by D·D Dynamic Discs stand out, as well as where it might fall short for some users.


  • Storage Capacity: You’ll find the main compartment spacious, fitting up to 18 discs, which caters well to your entire collection, from putters to drivers.
  • Design for New Players: As an entry-level bag, it’s designed to meet the needs of beginner players, ensuring a comfortable introduction to the sport.
  • Quick Access: The on-deck putter pocket is a convenient feature, giving you quick access to your frequently used discs without digging through the bag.
  • Enhanced Storage Solutions: Two zippered pockets for valuables and dual water bottle holders make this more than just a disc bag; it’s an outdoor companion for your games.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee: The brand stands behind their product with a 100% money-back guarantee, adding confidence to your purchase.


  • Shoulder Strap Comfort: Some users have mentioned the shoulder strap could benefit from additional padding for comfort, especially when the bag is fully loaded.
  • Setting Up Dividers: The lack of instructions for arranging dividers may lead to some initial confusion, potentially affecting how well larger discs fit.
  • Water Resistance: While the bag is fairly water-resistant, heavy downpours may still pose a challenge, so it’s something to consider when playing in varied weather conditions.

Care and Maintenance

Taking care of your Soldier Bag by D·D Dynamic Discs means it’ll be a reliable companion on the disc golf course for years.

Built from sturdy Oxford material, this bag can endure the outdoor elements common in disc golf, but still requires some TLC. Wipe the bag regularly with a damp cloth to keep it looking sharp and to prevent dirt buildup. If it gets particularly dirty, a gentle hand wash with mild soap is advisable.

To prevent mildew, make sure the bag is completely dry before storing, especially after those rainy-day rounds. The Cobalt Blue color is striking; protect it from prolonged sun exposure to avoid fading.

The zippers and straps are often the first to show wear, so periodically check them for any signs of strain and use care when filling the bag with discs and accessories.

Lastly, avoid overloading; even though it can fit 18+ discs, space them out and balance the bag to prevent seam stretching or strap damage. Regular maintenance ensures that this bag will be part of your disc golf adventures for a long time.


Exploring the myriad of options for disc golf bags can be quite the challenge, but the Soldier Bag by Dynamic Discs makes the decision a bit easier.

Many users appreciate its robust design. They note that it comfortably houses around 20 discs and even comes through on rainy days due to its water-resistant feature. The on-deck putter pocket and ample storage space receive nods for their convenience.

Nevertheless, the shoulder strap could do with additional padding for enhanced comfort during extended play, a sentiment echoed by a few users.

On the plus side, the two water bottle holders are praised for their utility, fitting larger bottles with ease.

Some users mentioned minor setbacks, such as the lack of setup instructions for the bag’s dividers and space constraints for larger disc sizes.

However, for many, the bag strikes the right balance between size and portability. It’s not too bulky like a backpack, yet spacious enough for a serious player’s arsenal.

Overall, if you’re hunting for a disc golf bag that hits the sweet spot of size, capacity, and usability, the Soldier Bag might just be your ally on the course.