Dynamic Discs Trooper Bag Review

Dynamic Discs Trooper Bag

There are literally bazillions of disc golf bags out there vying for your approval. How do you know which one is the best one? Bags are designed for different reasons. Go light, go big, go big with a cooler or go cart. So what about the Dynamic Discs Trooper? This is a mid-sized backpack that can add loads to your game.

Is it the best bag? Well we rated it No 2 in our best disc golf bags post. You can find out what the number one was by clicking here. Let’s get into what this bag offers for you on a day out on the course.

Dynamic Discs Trooper Backpack Breakdown

Dynamic Discs Trooper Bag

First of all lets get to the price tag. You would be pleased with any bag for approximately $40 like this if it had the same amount of features even if it did not have the well known Dynamic Discs logo. Backpacks are for carrying a lot of stuff but still at the same time remaining light and comfortable.

The Trooper ticks all these boxes. It weighs in just under 2 pounds and can store 20+ discs. Enough for you and a partner if you know your discs well. The straps are wide and comfortable with plenty of padding to take you round 18 holes without burnout.



On the exterior the Trooper has 3 pockets. You can also fit a retriever and a towel in the side pockets. On the top there are two D rings for carrying towels or attaching bag and anything else you could care to hang from your bag (walkstool, folding umbrella, speaker…). A mini or a junior disc will fit in one of the side pockets.

There is room for a 32 oz bottle and you can secure it or something smaller in there with the pullcord.

Inside the top compartment there is space for 4 discs. You can substitute this to carry some clothing, a towel or some personal items. It also has a zipper mesh pocket for flat items like your scorecard, a key, or maybe a wallet card.

So what’s the main compartment like? Well for easy access when your bag is on the ground there’s a velcro strap that will fold inwards and attach to an adjoining strip. Then in the bag itself you can fit up to 18 discs.

18 discs is a lot, with up to 4 in the top compartment. If you are playing multiple rounds or long into the evening a well packed bag is a good choice. You can perfect those new molds you just bought off Infinite. Or you can munch on your extra snacks if you play longer than expected.

The Trooper has your back for all these situations.


Is The Trooper Disc Golf Backpack Comfortable?

Without a doubt this bag was certainly designed with comfort in mind. Even with 22 discs in it does not feel like you are carrying a polar bear on your back. The padding on the back panel certainly makes it feel much lighter.


Budget Friendly – a lot of bag for about $40 you can bring time and time and it will get your through rain, sleet, sun, snow, wind and whatever else the elements and terrain have to throw at you.

Pros – bottle has a pull cord to keep it locked in so it wont fall out when you are hiking about

Padded back panel to take stress off your bones

Bag is sturdy and compact which stops it falling over when its set down.

Great space for discs and disc golf accessories.  Enough room to come fully prepared for a competitive day on the disc golf course.

I like to grab my bag by the top handle quite a lot. This one is padded really well and its so comfy sometimes I carry it by the handle and walk for ages without thinking or slinging it across a shoulder.

The Trooper bag can cope with 20 discs and leave you room for extra items. That’s you covered for all eventualities.

Lifetime warranty- like what the heck, that’s just how tough this bag is. Poorly made bags don’t have lifetime warranties.

Cons – life does get a little crammed once you have a stack full of disc in the main storage pocket.

A little extra space would go down well. Would be useful to have more zip up pockets inside the bag.

If you are carrying a large hydro the drawstring doesn’t hold its tightness that well.


Trooper Recap

The mid-sized Trooper will hold your discs, accessories, and personal items. It has a capacity of about 22 discs and features several pockets for organizing and storing additional gear. The bag is made of durable materials and has padded shoulder straps for comfort during long rounds. It also has a built-in drinks holder and a rain hood to protect the contents of the bag from the elements.

  • The Trooper bag is made of a combination of 600D and 1000D polyester, which makes it both durable and water-resistant.
  • The bag has a total of nine pockets, including a large main compartment for discs, two side pockets for water bottles or other gear, a putter pocket, a small valuables pocket, and several additional pockets for organizing smaller items.
  • The padded shoulder straps are adjustable and contoured for comfort, and the bag also has a padded back panel for added support.
  • The bag has a built-in beverage holder that can accommodate most standard-sized water bottles or cans up to 32oz.
  • The bag has a weight of lbs 2oz when empty, and has a low center of gravity which makes it a good option for players who prefer a lightweight bag.
  • The Dynamic Discs Trooper bag is available in a variety of colors, including black, blue, red, expo and green.


In Summary – Great Way To Save On What You Don’t Need

This bag competes well against more expensive bags with the same disc capacity. The only difference is bags starting around the $70-80 mark have more padding, a little more room and use more robust fillers inside the side walls, back panel, straps and bottom.

For this to come in with such impressive features for less than $40 is quite remarkable. Dynamic sells bags for over $170 but when this covers this basics so well luxuries don’t always make life better.

Keep your money to spend on discs, or treating your family. You don’t need a bag the size of a Hummer. In fact you could even downsize. Its all in how you perceive life. Bigger ain’t always better.


Where To Buy Online?

This bag is available from Dynamic Discs or if you prefer the speed at which Amazon delivers you can get it as quick as lighting here and Dynamic still make their money from the sale. Plus if it doesn’t suit you can leave it back without much hassle as sellers are keen for positive feedback and will bend over backwards to keep you happy.


Final Thoughts

If you want a casual day out on the course this bag is the wrong choice as it will overcrowd you with discs and storage. You’d be much better with a sling bag.  If you pack it full of your items it can weigh 25-35 lbs if you are adding a walkstool, umbrellas etc. Not exactly the right bag for a quick 9 holes.



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