Top 60 Disc Golf Accessories To Survive Any Game

disc golf accessories

Whether you wanna maximize your gameplay with a few essential disc golf accessories or pack everything to feed the 5000, here’s a few items that will prepare you for all eventualities. Some of these would also make nice gifts.


1. Disc Golf Bag

No point having any of the kit in this list unless you’ve got a bag to bring everything to the course with. Doesn’t need to be big or expensive. You can see a massive list of the best disc golf bags on the market right now in our post here.


2. Disc Golf Shoes

If you want to excel in all types of terrain you want the right shoes. Yes you can wear your own non-golf specific sports shoes but can they handle mud, slick grass, slopes, rock slabs, roots and wooded areas? And all on the same day? Are your current shoes breathable or do you sweat like a pig during the summer when you’re only half way round the course?

You can get terrain specific and whats even better multi shifting terrain specific shoes because lets be serious for a moment disc golf courses change from wet or dry grass to concrete teepads to woodlands and your shoes have to be able to keep up with the territory and conditions. Take a look at the best disc golf shoes available right now in this post.


3. Nalgene Water bottle

Before you hit the course remember to pack some liquids. And what better way to keep them cool than with a la large environmentally friendly filter water bottle like the Nalgene.  Keeps cool in the summer heat, the BPA free plastic is lighter than stainless steel but tastes even better for longer if the water bottle holder on your bag is insulated.

Available up to 6z oz  -Now just make sure you’ve chosen a bag that can fit your Nalgene in.


4. Hydroflask

If you prefer tougher stainless steel bottle to drink from a hydroflask is the way forward. Keeps drinks ice cold or piping hot but not at the same time 🙂



5. Yeti

For those of you who prefer the Yeti, its hard to beat a vacuum insulated bottle with a chug cap so you can take a quick swig without opening the bottle. Versatile.



6. Water Bladder

Not that you’ll be playing in -20 but if you want something a little larger and more heavy duty a water bladder like this can handle extremes of temperatures from -20 to 50 degrees celsius. For those days with a 32 oz don’t cut it. Strap it to your back for easy carry or stick it inside your bag.


7. 2.5 L Gelindo Hydration Backpack Insulated Pack 

If you want to go full force on hydration, this insulted backpack from Gelindo will supply your need. This BPA free leakproof backpack has a large reservoir for storing ice and loads of zippered pockets to carry your apparel and snack.


8. Hydration Pouches

Go light on water storage and enhance what you have with these electrolyte pouches. Replenish lost minerals and hydrate with vit c, zinc, and magnesium. Come back fresher to the course tomorrow.


9. Disc Golf Basket

To help you out without leaving the house one of the best ways to improve your game is with your own disc golf basket. You don’t need the most top of the range PGDA approved basket if you just want to practice your putting skills.

Obviously with a more robust basket you can stick one in your backyard or take to a nearby field and practice hitting the basket from 2-300ft out. To help you decide your best options read our review of the best disc golf baskets to rep with.


10. Disc Golf Towel

A towel to keep you sweat proof or to clean your discs? How about 1 of each – plus you can get a little Towch that’s both a disc pouch and a towel. Just like this


11. Friction Disc Golf Gloves

Is your grip letting you down? Does it get worse on cold days? Would you like to keep your hands warm and still be able to operate your phone at the same time? Well Friction Gloves are exactly what you need. Comfort and functionality.


12. Dynamic Discs Retriever

Don’t you just hate it when your disc land in the pond or gets stuck up a tree. Whos brought the 16 ft telescopic retriever? Was it supposed to be you? So handy that it can fit in your bag. Don’t leave home without it. unless you like swimming or climbing trees.


13. Can Koozie

Not as essential as the aforementioned water accessories, but more of an entertainment luxury. Not necessarily for the game neither, more for the comfort of your home. Would make a good gift for someone special in your life anyway.


14. Disc Golf Cart

If you’re tired of lugging all your disc golf gear around a disc golf cart will certainly make your life easier. You may as well enjoy the perks ball golfers have been using for years. Now if only you could get a lightweight hummer to drive you round the fairways….


15. Night Time Discs

Don’t let the fading light put yu off field work or late nights on the course. one way to keep on top of this is with a glow in the dark disc like this from Dynamic Discs.


16. Hack Your Own Discs Into Night Mode

Fancy playing around the clock? Customise your own discs with these stick on LED lights so you can play in the dark. Just don’t hit any trees or the lights will fly off! Also good for foggy or low visibility conditions.


17. MPV Disc Golf Mini Marker

This MPV mini doubles up as both a marker and a mini disc golf driver. This marker is also PGDA approved.


18. Birdie/Chalk bag

Keep your hands dry and improve your grip with this little chalk bag. These super absorbent pouches are filled powder made from with kiln-dried hardwood. Also known as grip bags, just like chalk in the gym they soak up the oil and moisture on your hands and make your them super grippy.



19. Rangefinder

Get all technical and accurate with your distances with a rangefinder. Be like the pros out on the course who want a competitive edge. Why would you want one? Reads elevation and accurately measures your distance to the basket in feet and meters. Works in low light and helps you zone in on your target.


20. Cooler Bag

If you want to up the ante on your drinks and refreshment options you need a bag with a built in cooler. Keeps your snacks fresh and carry a load of drinks for your party. See a list of options in my best cooler bag post here.


21. Bluetooth Speaker

When your phone speaker doesn’t deliver that bone shaking bass a little beast like the rugged made for outdoors Muzen will do. Waterproof and USB chargeable. Up to 8 hours playtime and clip to attach to your bag. Has a built in flashlight and fits in the palm of your hand.


22.  Bluetooth Buds

Keep your music all to yourself with a pair of wireless earbuds. Now just don’t sing along too loudly if no one else can hear the music.


23.  Practice Net

If you don’t have the space you can still work on your power with a practice net. Designed for ball golf this net can increase your performance when you are confined by space. Theres never a field nearby when you need one…


24. Dude Wipes

Keep your hands and discs free of mud and dirt so you can maintain a good grip on your discs. If you are precious about your new stamp dude wipes are a handy option, especially if you are in the woods far away from running water.


25. Kids Mini Disc Golf Set

For family fun day out without getting all too serious a mini disc golf set can provide yours of endless fun.


26. Hand Warmers

Get your hands warmed up before dipping into your disc bag. If you play in colder weather these will take the edge off. Useful to have in your pocket as they can also double as power banks.


27. USB Power Bank

This heavy duty power bank to charge your phone up to 6 times. Brilliant to have to charge you or your buddies phones, will also charge tablets as well. Can charge 2 phones at same time.


28. Large Windproof Umbrella

Don’t be caught out by the elements with a cheap umbrella that will fold at the slightest gust of wind. A heavy duty double canopy vented sports umbrella will do just the trick. Available up to 72 inches.


28. Rocknight Sports Sunglasses

Protect your eyes from harsh sunlight with a pair of lightweight Mg Alloy Rocknight HD Polarized sunglasses. Designed for outdoor sports these adjustable shades weigh only 20g (the weight of 2 pens) and reduce glare and reflective light.


29. PGDA Rulebook/App

Settle any arguments with the official PDGA rulebook. Follow scores as they happen live in PDGA tournaments and leagues. Download and search rules directly on your phone. Live app details here.


30. UDisc App

Want to hit the road and discover the best disc golf courses? Search & find new courses on the UDisc app. Measure  and analyze your scores/averages, putting and driving skills and track your progress and view it all on your smartwatch. Share results with friends. App available here.


31. MPV Discs Scorecard Clipboard

If you prefer a clipboard for your scorecard or like to use one for MPV circuit events this is $6 well spent. Fits in your bag too.


32. Pro Pull System

Increase your fitness and strength that will directly carry over to the disc golf course with the Pro Pull system of resistance bands. Develops your backhands and forearms forcing you to use good form. Also great for over all muscle tone and won’t put a huge burden on those joints. This low impact form of strength training is also great for anyone who is 40+ right up to senior age.

This relates directly to disc golf by developing and improving your arm acceleration, boosting your speed and strength. Plus you can do it all in the comfort of your own home.


33. Smart Watch

Keep an eye on your stats and have quick access to emergency messages and calls when you don’t want to carry a cumbersome phone in your pocket.


34. Udderly Smooth

Keep chapped hands and cracked skin at bay with this moisturizing treatment. Hard to fan grip your discs if your skin is all chapped. No problem for the ladies, but men be real men and moisturize.


35. Penetrex Joint & Muscle Therapy Inflammation Cream

If you’re playing a lot or tend to get stiff and sore Penetrex have the perfect remedy for achy muscles and joints. Full of natural minerals so won’t cause any problems like NSAIDS- keeps you nimble and in tip top conditions for long regular gameplay sessions and competitions especially if you have an active lifestyle.


36. Dude Powder

Keep fresh out in the summer heat by bagging a can of dude powder, all natural deodorizer. Who doesn’t love a bit of Aloe Vera for extra underarm softness.


37. Aloe Vera Gel

One probably to have in the car or your bag if you are anticipating a long drive home. Aloe Vera will sooth any sunburn you have and it works wonderfully well. Also great for post sunburnt itchy flaky skin and dry skin in general.


38. Mini Sunscreen

Don’t get burnt in the first place. And pack it small as you need room for your other stuff.


39. Bug Spray

Courses attract billions of mosquitos and ticks, so to stop yourself rubbing up against a tree like a bear in the woods grab a can of bug spray.


40. Folding Stool

Take the weight off your feet whilst waiting for other players to throw or get out of the way. Good for taking a break in the dry heat. This Walkstool is highly rated and depending on which model you choose the weigh capacity is 550lbs.



41. Speedy Pros Disc Golf Beanie

10% of  your body heat gets lost through your bonnet so warm yourself up on those freezing cold days because you know you like to play no matter the weather. This winter skully is pretty stylish looking too.


42. Light Up Beanie Hat

Stand out in the dark to light up where you are to the next run of players behind you or give your friends a target to aim for at night! Also good for lighting up your way if you get your disc lost in rough ground once the light dims.


43. Granola/Energy/Protein Bars

Don’t let you energy zap out on the course. Pack some healthy nutrients in the form of granola or protein bars or go flat out on the glucose energy spectrum.


44. Lightweight Rain Jacket

Keep yourself covered in sudden downpours with this lightweight rain shell. This one by 33,00ft is also windproof. Will hardly take up any room in your bag and once its on it won’t restrict your movement.


45. Heavy Duty Rain Jacket

For something a little more sturdy a winter sports jacket like this from Sposulei is a good option. designed to handle snow this coat keeps your warm and dry  with its tough high-density spandex. The interior is lined and padded and the exterior has a hydrophobic coating. All of which keep you warm in rain, fog, frost, heavy wind and snow. if it looks stormy out there don’t leave without this.


45. Hooded Poncho

For those days when its absolutely chucking it down you have the option of a poncho. Folds up small an can be attached to your bag or thrown inside. And why not?


46. Mini First Aid Kit

Travel light with this travel sized first aid kit. Good for carrying your bug spray, ointments and plasters in case you nick your fingers in the woods or craggy ground. Get 115 medical grade items for under $10. Includes CPR respirator. Can attach to your bag.


47. Sharpies

Grab a pack of sharpies for naming your discs.


48. Disc Cart Putter Pouch

An accessory for your accessory. If you have the luxury of owning a disc cart here’s a handy way to access some extra putters.


49. Retractable Chalk Line

Again for those of you who love to measure in millimeters, this retractable chalk line is exactly what you would see on a construction site. Only in disc golf you would use it to mark out whos disc is closer to the basket.


50. Flight Towel Microfiber Disc Golf Towel

I kid you not this microfiber disc golf towel by is really popular and highly reviewed. Not only does it clean your discs but you can use it to warm up your arm to prevent injuries before you throw your discs. It has an attached fob which you use to simulate throwing a disc. Use it to practice throw and loosen up your arm before you let rip.


51. Leatherman Pocket Knife Multitool

Who knows what situation you’ll find yourself in when out practising in the wilds or when you are in the woods. If you need to cut something, snag something or screw something its handy to be able to pull out a multitool insteead of trekking back to your truck.


52. Portable Lanbrella

A portable travel umbrella is easy to slot in your bag or attach via a D Ring. Its useful when theres not much wind and you wat protection from the sun or light showers. Can also be used as a rainfly to keep your bag cool or dry. This little dootsite from Lanbrella is wind and waterproof to boot.


53. May The Course Be With You

Share your love of disc golf with this cool tee from the Star Wars franchise.


54. Winter Neck Gaiter

Keep your face and neck warm with this fluffy neck warmer. The face shield is also good in headwinds.


55. Heavy Duty Caribeaner Hooks

Clip these Aluminium hooks onto your bag and attach any number of items, stools, umbrellas, disc pouches, towels, keys, speakers….


56. Fully Assembled Back Up Bag

Have a go bag to spare when a distant cous or friend drops by unexpectedly. Something cheap like the 12 disc Cadet from Dynamic Discs will do.


57. Black Hole Micro Disc Golf Basket By MVP Sports


This is a serious piece of work for you desk jockeys. Its a 6.5 inch disc golf basket to pitch bottle caps and coins in, just to pass the time. Would make a nice gift so don’t take it to the course.


58. Stupid Tree Hoodie

Why? To keep warm and showcase your love for DG. Nothing more, nothing less. Plus it keeps you warm.


59. Damn Tree Dic Golf Towel

And just on the subject of novelty here’s a funny disc golf towel for some good clean fun.


60. Ript Revenge Card Game

Take a break from our regular competitive streak on the course and spice things up with this game from Innova & KNA Games. Ript revenge, the sequel to Ript is a 2-4 player strategy game that can mess with your head. Deals hands that determine what shot types your opponents have to hit. Get ready to throw with your dodgy left hand!


This items should be all you need just short of a survival pack.

Happy DGing!