The Best Disc Golf Baskets To Rep With

disc golf basket

You can really develop your putting skills once you have your own disc golf basket. Grab it and place it in your garden and then try and work a few obstacles in front of its trajectory to improve your disc bending skills.

Take it with you to some local woodlands or take it to the beach. Every days an ace day.

Finish off Your Opponents

I use to spend way too much time out on the course trying to hit 400 feet. I never put enough practise into holing the basket. That was dumb thinking. My complete game wasn’t developing. What’s the point in hitting a 450 if it takes you 3 more shots to rattle the chains?

Choose Wisely – Not All Disc Baskets Are Created Equal

You want something light and flimsy that rusts after 1 day out in the open or do you want something that lasts? Take the latter unless you like burning wads of cash for no good reason. If you like to leave your basket outside then you’ll need something sturdy and impervious to rust.

Light baskets won’t hold up to much wind force or abuse b the elements. Aim to get something that weighs over 20 pounds.


There’s More To Chains Than Just The Rattle

We all love that dinky sound of our putters hitting the chains. But theres more to a good chain than meets the eye. There’s a myriad of options to suit, whether thats single or double chain configuration or inner and outer chain set ups.

Cheap single layer chains will have a hard time catching your disc and dropping it in the basket. You can use a cheaper and less durable basket if its only going to be used indoors. Outdoors need to be rust proof and stainless steel is preferred but naturally more expensive.


Always On The Move?

If you’d like your disc basket to travel with you then a portable basket is the way to go.


Professional Baskets

If you want to replicate what you’ll find out on the course a professional disc golf basket is the way forward. Look for options with course weighted chains. Once you have the best of the best you’d better put the hours in practising. Choose a basket from below and you have the convenience of being able to practice any time you feel.


What sort of Price Can You Pay?

Anything under $60 is gonna hit the budget end of the market. Longevity and quality of materials naturally are going to be effected, and usually negatively. Things start to get better around the $100- mark, your veering into the mid range territory. If you want the best of the best and you demand high standards of your sports equipment quality usually starts around the $150 mark.


Top Disc Golf Baskets To Practise With


MVP Disc Sports Black Hole Pro 24-Chain Disc Golf Basket

Mpv Sports Disc Golf Basket

This is a mid priced basket from MVP, a reputable brand in the disc golf industry.


Yaheetech 24-Chain Disc Golf Basket

Yaheetech 24-Chain Disc Golf Basket

Another budget basket from Yaheetech, a basket with a disc catching basket. This is a more sturdy basket than the Franklin Sports basket. It has 3 spikes to secure it in the ground, once you can a proper driver in it the spikes ensure it won’t fall over. Also good on a windy day.

This is also a lightweight portable disc golf basket which can be easily collapsed and transported to your location of choice. It comes with a water proof carrying bag. This basket isn’t PDGA approved but it is PGDA spec and its excellent value for money. Cheaper than a lot of the big brand names out there and better for it.

The galvanised steel chains are light but do their job perfectly well. The center pole is also quite sturdy. This is a great basket for your yard, assemble is not long but it requires for you to take out all the hex bolts if you want to fit it in your car or over your back. The transport bag is nice but I wouldn’t want to assemble and disassemble it just to carry it about.

The entire basked weighs 26 pounds so its pretty easy to move around your home once you’ve got it built. Yaheetech have made a good rendition of a course disc golf basket. Its not far away from what many a named Brand has put on the market.


budget buddy – keenly priced under $100 and provides excellent service consider pro baskets costs upwards of $300. The odd disc can skip out of the basket once in a while but I’m sure you can live with that and save a few hundred ds.

pros – large 25.5 inch metal basket for storing and catching your discs, great price, sturdily enough made, light enough to pick up and move

cons – base is a bit light, prefers a flat even ground. Everything is screwed together so you’ll have to take out the screws if you plan to transport it out for a days fun and games. Chains are not as heavy duty as premium brands, causing discs to splash out occasionally

better than -Franklin Sports Basket metal chain varieties (sturdier, tougher materials and better value for money)




Franklin Sports Disc Golf Basket

Franklin Sports disc Golf Basket

Thee are 3 versions offered by Franklin

  1. Plastic Chain Starter Set
  2. Deluxe Steel Chain Set
  3. Elite Chain Set

The bargain basement plastic chain version won’t catch your discs properly. It costs less than 60 bucks so that’s why. It comes with a set of discs, its’ like a package for someone wanting to go away on an adventure day with friends or family. Its not for serious players but you know thats why its so cheap.

The discs are nothing more than basic paper plates, ok for someone whos not played disc golf before and is looking to see what all the fuss is about.

This basket allows you to have some fun without being too precious about your equipment. Your discs are caught in an umbrella style cloth basket which isn’t very sturdy or realistic.

Its lightweight, foldable and has a plastic chain. Would be a great starter set for your kid or so you can just mess around with in your backyard without getting all too serious.

Chain Hack  – if you opt for the cheaper plastic single chain set you can zip tie the chains to the fabric and the chains will now stop your discs.

The reason most folks would consider a Franklin basket is because its ways cheaper than anything else. But remember even if you go for the metal chain version this basket is light, it blows over quite easily on gusty days. It is a strange shape too not resembling a course basket. But if you can park these objections you can have some fun and also a cheap way to practice your reps.

This is a good basket for fun games. Great if you have the space inside your home for close putts. It will definitely improve your close putting game this way.


Budget friendly – less than $60 for the plastic chain basket, although not one for the purists.

Pros – if you want to rattle some chains at a family gathering or cheap vacation and aren’t worried about being a pro this will get you through the day. Lightweight you can take it easily on camping trips for some fun while you relax. Can set up in a flash, folds up and down like an umbrella.

This basket is actually PDGA approved. Good for practice reps. The center pole is very light and portable you can fold it up and cart it on your bike (assembles in 3 sections) to your nearest field or spot to get some practice in on sunny days.

Cons – that plastic chains not gonna last on the starter set. Good for getting family and friends interested in disc golf -it would make a great gift when you don’t want to spend big. Can’t use your own real discs as the plastic chains will spit them out or go straight through as they where designed for smaller discs. No nice ching of the plastic starter set neither.

You have to throw gently or your putter will go right through the plastic chains. This is not how a real disc golf basket works so if you want the real thing don’t buy plastic. The center pole is very light. The supplied discs are ok for a casual game of yard golf but are practically useless with the flight characteristics of a lead balloon.

Will tip over in windy conditions as its too light. The basket is not shaped like a professional course basket.