The Best Disc Golf Starter Sets for Beginners

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So you’re getting into disc golf. You’ve been enamoured by the color of the discs, the flight ratings, the hyzer flip whatever the heck that is. And then…there’s overstable and understable discs. But it all sounds so technical.

And the choice of discs and accessories are lets face it, endless…Thankfully that’s where starter disc sets come in. They take a lot of the decisions out of the mix and provide you a wide range of extremely versatile, playable discs, so you can get on with what you’re interested in – playing the game!

Do you Need A Disc Golf  Starter Set?

You do if the options are overwhelming. And they will be if you’re starting out so you’ll spend way more time and money than you need to get into the sport. If you have a group of friends you can all swap discs and crunch through an enormous range of discs and get a feel for what you like.

Starter sets will save you money over picking up individual discs as they usually have a percentage deducted off the price.

SO – Don’t invest a lot of money into the sport at first until you get hooked like the rest of us.

Just Play

You want to get goingFAST. If you don’t really know how the different discs work yet (drivers, mid-range, putters, hybrids) starter sets will school you faster than any You Tube video. They’ll have a good mix that will get you ripping up the course in no time at all. After that you can home in on specific brands and styles of discs or up your skills from a beginner to intermediate set.

Starter discs aren’t meant to be kept forever, but you may want to frame the first disc you putted with, or the driver you started out with. They’ll be a nice reminder of where you started at when you become a grandmaster.

Want To Go It Alone?

You certainly can. If you’re in a hurry to build your bag rock on. If you understand how to navigate the course and want to buy individual discs for your approach shots, putting and driving, and you don’t mind splashing the cash – go ahead. You can pick up some custom discs for shooting straight lines through trees, so everything depends on what course you are going to and what you’re looking for.

Once you understand flight paths and distances you can jump right in and start building up your everyday kit. Infinite Discs has millions of discs that have the benefit of user tried and tested reviews. Owners love discussing ever little detail of the disc so you can benefit over how players have got a feel for them.

But beware, you’ll soon find that buying discs is addictive, so over time you could accumulate an enormous load of discs.

Bringing it back down to earth for a while if you’re not a professional disc golfer, and let’s face it if you are you won’t be reading this article, so – there’s no need to rush into a spending spree. Before looking at some starter sets here’s the main reasons you should grab one in the first place.

Cost Savings

Keeps costs down when you’re starting out by providing you a good array of discs to get going. As you are buying in bulk you will also get a reduction is price, not massive but every little helps. As a new player it wouldn’t make much sense to start investing in premium discs at this stage as you don’t really know what you like or works for you yet.

Plus I know you really love disc golf so we won’t even talk about the remote chance of you quitting before you even get started, but I’m a realist, and it could happen. Or if you’re researching online for one of your family, you may not even know if they’ll play much if you’re buying them a gift.

All The Discs You Need

A starter set has all the discs you need to get going – a driver, mid-range and a putter. Starter sets usually come in sets of 3 or 5. They include a flight chart graphic, which if new you’ll only really understand once you’re out on the course. Which is the best way to learn the game.

Perfect Your Form

If you buy a disc designed for an advance player trying to control it may cause you to rip your hair out. Starter discs are designed to match your skill level as a beginner so they’re easier to throw. They’re a little lighter and don’t require as much power to throw in a straight line. The flight path will be less extreme.

This cuts out a lot of the frustration you can experience as a new player rather than buying a specialized disc you haven’t learn how to throw yet. This can prevent you having to retrieve your disc from a tree or pond every 5 minutes which can lead you to quit early, or just piss the crap out of you.

Will You Outgrow Your Starter Set?

That depends how fast of a learner you are, and how much practice hours you put in. Or you could be an undiscovered Paul McBeth or Paige Pierce who takes to the game like a duck to water. It doesn’t matter anyhow because you can still use you’re starter discs down the road to make more complicated shot shapes.

It will take a while to increase your power and accuracy so consider these discs a s a valuable asset. You can also spare you’re more expensive discs if you’re introducing someone new to the game.

Cut The Complications

SIMPLIFY. Beginner sets reduce your information overload for now. Disc golf is complicated. Mostly because there is so much stuff to take in. Learning the rules, choosing a light or heavy disc, how to throw and develop your cunning gameplay takes time.

The amount of opinion and information over disc characteristics, weights, plastics and throwing is extreme. You will only learn about release angles and shot shapes (flat, hyzer, anhyzer) once you are out in the field.

You can’t learn that by reading a tutorial or following along with a video. You can only perfect that with time and practise.

Now that’s settled, here’s some choice options to break in your game with.

Here’s 16 Of the best disc golf starter sets for New Players

1.Discraft DSSB Disc Golf Starter Pack

These easy to throw discs are great for beginners, kids and seniors –This PGDA approved 3-pack starter kit from the tried and trusted stable of Discraft is ideal for someone just starting out who doesn’t want selection fuss and just want to focus on mastering the game.

I mean all you have is a single putter (Magnet), a mid-range disc and a driver. And that’s all you need to play the game, so Discraft have made it simple so you can master your basic throws before delving into more complex shots.

The discs feel just about right for new players weighing 160-179g, they won’t drift off flight easily or be slammed into the trees with a gust of wind. These starter discs are all biased towards throwing straight so you can develop your power and accuracy without frustrating the crap out of yourself. This makes them ideal for brand new players.

The Magnet/Magnet Soft

The Magnet is an easy to control putter disc which isn’t super fast so you’ll be able to throw it accurately and it’ll give you a greater chance of hitting the basket and getting a nice endorphin rush. It’s been Discraft’s flagship putter since its inception in 1993.

The “soft” magnet is exactly that, a super softer plastic with a bit more grip. Can help the disc from being release too early in your swing.

Drivers with this set can either be the Avenger, Heat, or Stratus. I know the slightly under stable Stratus only takes a short run up with about 60-70% power to make it glide smoothly and you’ll get good distance with it.

If you don’t get some of these discs in your set its worth buying them separately. Here’s what you’ll miss.

The Avenger

If you get the Avenger it’s slightly under stable and has similar characteristics to the Stratus and you’ll be able to get a nice s-flight trajectory without having to put much strength into your throw. Either way you’ll hit a few nice drives with either disc.

The Heat

The Heat is an understable driver which has fantastic glide which makes it a great entry level driver for newer players with slower to medium arm speeds to gain extra long distance. With a speed rating of 9, it’s slow for a driver. But as you’re a beginner you’ll be able to hit longer shots with the huge turn and glide (rated 6 out of a max 7) this disc has.

Also really holds its line and with the distance its good for anything from uphill drives to when you’re stuck in the woods and space is tight. With an extra pop-top profile this domey shaped disc is ideal when you come up short with other drivers – just a great disc to maximize distance when your arm speed is lower when you’re starting out.

The Stratus

The stratus is one of those mid-range discs that every beginner must have in their bag. It’s so forgiving starting out on a understable trajectory before a small fade (1.0 minimal amount) back to the centre. So basically if you are a righty it starts out right and finishes left it you release it flat. Expect a gentle turover.

With its small beadles rim it feels so comfortable in the hand. If you find forehand throws too hard this is a great get out of jail disc that will glide predictably to the right. Give it full send for a hard right.

The Buzzz

You’ll get the famous mid-range Buzz disc with your set. Plain and simple wherever you aim this thing it goes. Discraft must think the Illuminati demonic stamp is cool for some reason, but apart from that with it’s dead straight flight path you”ll spend a whole day just hitting the course with this disc for 90% of your shots.

Get Your Fast From Amazon.

Vid embed from Reddit:

Reddit Embed (

2.Innova Disc Golf Starter Set

This 160-180 gram 5 disc starter set + mini marker should maybe be called a beginner to intermediate set as the discs are a little heavier than most starter sets. They require more power to throw and harder to control but they will future proof your game as you progress from beginner to intermediate level.

They’ll also be more useful for longer courses once you get the hang of them.

It would have been my No 1 selection but the price is a little high compared to the rest of it sets. At nearly $50 even though the discs are fantastic it doesn’t quite match the price of many of the other sets that also include a bag.

It has 3 drivers (straight/stable/distance driver). This more stable (straighter flight path) set will allow you to keep your discs on course and you’ll hit more baskets without being a pro. Fair play to Innova.

Included in this set are:

Aviar – Putter– a stable still in touring pros bags today, one of the original molds from right back in 1984, this disc has been responsible for more spin offs than anything else. They definitely broke the mold with this consistent neutral stability straight flying disc. Good for beginners to pros as it holds its line so well, go wherever you want it to go. Very easy to keep on its line putter. Avair is still Innova’s best-selling disc.

Roc3 – Midrange- faster than the original Roc, this disc is great when you’re working on controlled approach shots and mid-range drives. Very easy to make accurate shots as very stable disc with slight fade at end.

Leopard Fairway Driver – the Leopard is a no fuss straight flying fairway drive with very small fade (1.0). Great for beginners learning driving technique. Slices to the right about two thirds into the shot before coming back to the left.

TeeBird3 -over stable Fairway Driver

Destroyer– Distance Driver

Galactic Mini Marker– marks where your previous throw landed.

The Destroyer is one of the biggest selling drivers of all time. But you may want to leave this at home as this high speed disc is a little hard to control at the beginning. It’s great to pull out once your game advances as you’ll be crush this disc relatively straight over 250 ft with ease. It’s tiny 1.4 cm profile allows it to travel long distances.

Start driving with the Leopard and it’s easier to through this very forgiving straight fairway driver. Ask most coaches what driver beginner should start with and 9 times out of 10 they will pick the Leopard. It’s not only just for holding straight line shots, as you gain more confidence you’ll be able change it’s flight path more radically by altering your throws.

I’d recommend upgrading to champion plastic if you like the feel of these discs, as you’ll notice with all starter sets made with base plastic will beat in quickly, so the flight path will change as time goes by and you hit a few trees.

3.CROWN ME 6 Disc + Mini Marker Starter Set With Bag + Towel

This budget friendly set is worth mentioning as it includes 2 drivers, 2 mid-range discs and 2 putters. This set gives you everything you need to hit the course running and also includes a towel. The discs are not made with extra durable plastic so you could chip one if it crashes into a tree, but Crown Me and going for budget and not finesse

The mid range disc weighs 150 grams, the putter 160 and the driver 170. There is no flight data but if you don’t want to dig into to technicalities of discs for now (speed, glide, turn and fade) you get everything you need inside your bag for a days fun.


4. Dynamic Discs Prime Burst starter set

The Burst by Dynamic Discs is a best selling 3 disc starter set because of the quality of the discs it comes with. It includes these discs:

Escape – straight flying fairway driver that will help new players master accuracy before moving on to longer distance shots with distance drivers. It’s known for it’s glide- more glide is recommended for new players as it keeps the disc going for longer distances before you develop power.

Emac Truth – mid-range disc made famous by tournament director, course designer and former World Champion, Eric Mccabe. The truth is known for holding straight lines whit only a slight fade (left turn/overstable)/ The beauty of a neutral disc like this is that it goes where you want it to go. This makes this disc not only perfect for beginners, but world champions.

Judge – pit and approach shots- this won the putter of the year in 2013, elevating it to the status of classic. This is a very stable putter and even flights the wind real good so it’s ideal for most weather conditions and has a great grippy feel. It can even be used as a driving putter/approach shots due to it’s straight as an arrow glide capability.

These discs are slightly heavier and faster (than starter discs need to be for beginners weighing it at 170-170g, but due to the versatility and neutral flight paths, these discs will not frustrate you like some sets with more discs can.

5. MVP Premium starter set

This 3 disc set from MVP is a great set for beginners and the discs have plenty of scope for you to use once you reach an intermediate level. Unfortunately, this set is out of stock in most places online so I won’t go into too much details.  Features the Relay driver, Axis mid-range disc and the Ion putt and approach.

The discs are manufactured from premium advanced plastic (Neuron, Proton & Plasma).

Check periodically on Infinite to see if it’s come back in stock.

6. Latitude 64 Retro Burst Starter Sst

3 disc set, weighing 170-176 grams – featuring the beginner and intermediate friendly Saint fairway driver, Fuse mid-range and Keystone putt and approach discs. This is another very inexpensive set (circa $30 at time of writing) as it’s made with budget friendly retro plastic, designed to replicate the feel of earlier easy to break-in discs. Discs are durable and smooth.

Your most used go-to disc the mid-range Fuse is made from serum medium plastic -which has been designed for beginners at Latitude 64 in partnership with Dynamic Discs. What makes it ideal is its extra grippiness. And yes that’s a word.

The Saint is a straight flying driver with a “S” curve trajectory. Its a bit domier (taller) than your average driver and sits up slightly at the top. It’s slightly overstable and once you can harness more power you’ll be able to hit 350 ft with this glidey disc. Its glide rating reaches the top of the chart at 7 which relates to how long it can stay in the air before dropping.

The Keystone (designed By Thomas Ekstrom) is a good point and shoot under stable putter with minimum fade which you can use to hit the basket on shorter holes and you’ll also love it on approach shots as it flies straight and doesn’t drift off too much. The rim on this disc feels smooth and very comfortable against your fingers. Nice.

7. Dynamic Discs Easy to Throw starter set

(Out Of Stock Currently)

This is a great 3 disc starter set for novices (if you can get your hands on it) in the true sense of the word, as these straight flying discs are on the lighter side weighting 145-159g.  Lighter discs can be better for beginning players as it can take a bit of time to build up the arm speed to throw heavier discs. You’ll get a higher release velocity with lighter discs and that can add some distance.

All discs feature prime `plastic which is a cheaper form of plastic but don’t let that put you off as the benefits are not only in cost but also in grip and comfort. These feel softer in the hand, that extra tackiness gives you a little more feel and control you don’t get with premium plastics. Another benefit of these discs is the strong grip they offer in bad weather, it helps the discs from being released too early in your throw.

Base plastics (TPE Polymers) also beat in a lot quicker, which means the discs break in a lot quicker so you won’t have to wait for months before they get to a more consistent flight path in less time. If you start with a premium plastic (TPU Polymer) the disc can takes months to wear in and as the flight path is constantly evolving it can throw you off guard.

Even pro players have base plastics in their bag when they need a disc to grip the ground and land softer on approach shots – a base plastic is definitely going to help with that.

Set Includes:

Breakout (driver)

Proof (mid-range)

Gavel (putter)

8. Dynamic Discs Prime Burst starter set with Cadet bag (Out of Stock)

This set from DD is practically the same with the cadet bag added on to hold your discs. The bag can hold a water bottle, 2 putter discs (+ mini markers) in the putter pocket and 8-10 discs in the central department. They only did difference in the discs is the mid-range straight-flying Truth is swapped out for the slightly understable (fades to right) mid-range Evidence.

You can check Amazon periodically to see if it comes back in stock.

9. Innova Champion starter set (Out of Stock)

If you want to start of your career with Premium Plastic this Innova Champion starter set can take you from novice to intermediate level if you stick with it. Premium discs are more durable than base plastics but they do have a steeper learning curve as they are harder to control once you are starting out.

This 3 disc set comes with the Valkyrie driver, Panther mid-range, and an Aviar putter.

10. Innova Gstar Premium starter set (Out of Stock)

If you have a beginner set already and what to add more discs to your bag this GStar starter set features premium plastic. If your discs so far have been made with base plastic this lets you get some experience with more advanced plastic discs, which are more durable.

This set doesn’t come with a mid-range disc. Instead you get 2 drivers and a putter. Discs included

Valkyrie distance driver

Leopard 3 fairway driver – ideal for beginners

Aviar putter

If it doesn’t come back in stock on Infinite Discs check it out on Amazon.

11. Discraft Deluxe disc golf set

You may have noticed a prevalence two big players in the discg golf industry in this list. One is Innova and here again is Discraft. The range of discs and accessories this 2 companies have manufactured is enormous. With this set Discraft are adding a bag, and it’s something you’ll need to buy when starting out. But bags can be expensive and this one comes free with the Deluxe set, if you can find it in stock.

Includes the following

Nuke SS distance driver –this is a distance driver with a difference. Distance drivers have always been geared towards more experienced players, but this disc has been modelled by Discraft for still developing players to get up to speed with distance driving without needing years of practice. You don’t need the normally required arm speed and power to throw it long distances.

Mantis fairway driver – fairway or control drivers are great to use until you build up the arm speed and power to throw distance drivers correctly. This domey shaped disc offers a lot of control and you can throw it hard to get a nice “S” long shot.

Buzzz midrange (one of the most famous discs ever) – this disc should be in every beginners bag. It’s one of the most reliable mid-ranges in the world. Wherever you aim it goes. Got an ESP version i talked about here.

Magnet putt and approach disc – from Discraft’s Pro-D plastic line (extremely grippy and rubbery) this fairly stable (neutral) flying disc is great in the wind.

This set can also come with a Heat or Thrasher distance driver, which are both good for getting long distances with slower arm speed releases, so either   will suit beginners. More advanced players can rip hyzers and annies with it.

Get it here

12. Innova Advanced Players starter set by Driven Disc Golf (Out of Stock)

This set by Driven disc golf features 4 drivers from Innova and a mini marker. The high speed discs in this set have been put together to reflect the needs of intermediate to advanced players. Once you already know your way around the course and have mastered the basics this is an ideal set to buy if you want to increase your driving skills.

Discs included:

Wraith – stable long distance driver that holds its line consistently well in the wind with pinpoint accuracy and extra glide. Ideal for backhand or forehand throws.

Thunderbird – reliable control driver with exceptionally stable flight pat. Straight as an arrow with a slight fade at the end if you catch it right. Takes a while to beat in, but you’ll appreciate the results.

Katana – another high speed (13) distance driver with a good bit of right hand turn before in fades left if you release it flat.

Firebird – Of all the drivers in this set this is the most beginner friendly. It rides straight with a big hook to the left as it fades. This makes a great forehand shot as well.

13. Innova Champion Plastic Upgrade starter set (Out of Stock)

After you have beat in a few starter discs and want to check out some premium plastics, this set by Innova will let you expand your collection without breaking the bank.

It features the aforementioned Roc3 mid-range, Teebird fairway driver and Destroyer distance driver. Only this time these classic discs are all in high performance Champion Plastic – these discs are more firm and stable and weigh from 170-180 grams.

Check if they are back in stock now.

14. Retro Burst Advanced starter set from Latitude 64

The Latitude 64 have aimed this starter set at players who are transitioning out of the beginning phase. With a nod to earlier classic discs brand new players will also be able to use these low-speed discs without too much of a learning curve. Retro discs can be broken in more quickly.

Featuring the following classic discs

Retro Burst Saint control driver – great distance and stable flight path

Retro Burst Fuse mid-range driver – can reach up to a phenomenal 300 ft

Retro Burst Keystone putt & approach– co-designed by Hall Of Famer Jesper Lundmark, you can depend on this disc to hold its course during your short game.

It may not be a true beginner set, being it’s heavier and faster, but it can be your first starter set you get from Latitude 64. You’ll step up the ranks quicker once you master these.

15. Nite Ize Flashlight disc golf set

The discs in this set are pretty basic in terms of flight and quality, but they have one party piece, they light up. Perfect for some nocturnal game time or a game that stretches into the evening. Or practicing in a park in fading light. Features an understable driver, a stable mid-range and a putter. The discs feel similar to the Innova Champion Plastic line.

The built in LED lights have a 20 hour run time. As they’re inside the discs they don’t affect the flight that much, the discs are a tad understable, and with the lights on the inside they don’t get damaged if you crash into a tree.

May be worth adding to your bag for some fun in the dark, when your’re focusing on fun rather than finessing your game. You’ll love watching the glowing streak across the night time sky


16. Prodigy Ace Starter Set With Bag

This 3 disc set with mini marker and bag will ensure you have all you need to get a good days play in with reliable flying discs. The Prodigy Ace S Line (S for stable) features these:

F Model S fairway driver – straight to overstable flying 10 speed disc, once you want to starting throwing anhyzer this thing rocks. Has quite a bit of glide once you master throwing it with power and control. Made with extra hard Duraflex plastic which can handle any tree bark with ease.

M Model S mid-range – flies almost as far as a fairway, this disc will suit beginners and intermediates due to its stable flight path. Duraflex [plastic feels great in your hand.

P Model putter – straight lying 174g putter with a difference it glides for sinking those longer putts. Great for approach shots and short putts.

Prodigy Ace Line 3-Disc Set with Starter Bag $33.99 – $33.99 – Infinite Discs

Understable or Overstable Discs For Beginners?

Unless you have disc golf superpowers once you start playing it can be difficult to get your form right and throw the disc flat. Throwing a frisbee is not the same as this. Assuming you are a traditional right-handed backhand thrower, the disc can fade to the left too early and lose distance. So starting with a slightly understable disc with more right turn can remedy this, especially for faster discs.

The Mako3 for instance is a great first-time disc because it has a neutral flight path and allows you to develop good technique.


Rounding Up

Any of these starter sets lets you improve and your game and develop your technique without complications. You’ll also enjoy the game a lot more from the onset without having to worry what all the different discs are all about.

Just get out there and start throwing.

And there’s more!

Now you’ve gotten a good understanding of starter sets, bookmark this page and come back when you’re ready to check out some of our best posts below to take your game to the next level.

Take your time over these posts as they have a lot of detailed tips and useable lessons to take your game to the next level.

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