The Aviar by Innova: A Beginner-Friendly Disc Golf Putter

If you’re just starting out with disc golf, the Aviar by Innova is a great choice for your first putter. This disc is one of the most popular putters in the sport and has been trusted by players of all skill levels for decades, including myself. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the features and flight characteristics of the Aviar, and discuss when and why you might want to use it on the course.

First Up – Some History

The Innova Aviar is an absolute classic putter within the disc golf community and has been a staple choice for players for over 40 years. It was first introduced by Innova in 1984, and since then it has become one of the most popular putters in the game. It’s suitable for beginners and advanced level players.

The Aviar was designed with a neutral flight pattern, which means it doesn’t have a strong turn or fade. It’s a go to disc for players of all skill levels, and you’ll have mind-bending fun thinking of all the  variety of shots you can use it for, and not just putts but also short to medium-range approaches.

Side note – if you are really new and you just cannot get the hang of disc golf, then keep your hands strapped to a putter. Don’t worry about drivers or mid-range discs (although they are the safest disc to get started with after putters). Forget about throwing over the horizon from the teepad. Just grab your Aviar launch it down the fairway, if you make 30 feet good, if not who cares. Just keep approaching with this disc and then aim on getting it as close to the basket as possible. Do this for a few rounds or even take your disc out to the park until you get a feel for the game. After a session or  like this you can expand to using a mid-range disc.


Over the years, Innova has made several changes to the Aviar, including its plastic type, weight, and rim design. Despite these changes, the Aviar has maintained its popularity among players, thanks to Innova maintaining it’s core assets –

  • versatility
  • straight flight path
  • comfortable grip.

The Innova Aviar has also been used in many disc golf competitions and has won numerous awards, including being named the “Disc of the Year” by Disc Golf World News in 1988.

Today,  its timeless design and reliable performance continue to make it one of the most trusted putters in the sport.

Disc Features & Flight Characteristics

Speed 3 Glide 2.5 Turn 0 Fade 1

The Aviar is a straight-flying, beadless putter (you can get version with a bead) that’s easy to grip and control. It has a comfortable, rounded rim that makes it easy to hold, even for players with smaller hands. Additionally, the Aviar is made from a durable plastic that can withstand the wear and tear of regular use.

The Aviar is a stable disc, which means it has a neutral flight pattern. This means it will fly straight, with a minimal amount of turn and fade. It’s easy to keep on a straight line, so it’s the perfect putter for someone new. This also makes it an excellent choice for short- to medium-range putts, as well as approach shots that require a straighter flight path.

When to Use the Aviar on the Course

Because of the neutral flight path, it can be used for a variety of different shots on the course. Here are a few situations where the Aviar excels:

  • Short Putts: The Aviar’s straight flight path makes it an excellent choice for short putts. Whether you’re putting from inside the circle or just outside, the Aviar will fly straight and help you make those crucial up-and-down saves.
  • Approaches: The Aviar’s straight flight path also makes it a great choice for approach shots. Whether you’re trying to lay up for a birdie attempt or trying to avoid trouble, the Aviar will help you get your disc to the basket with precision.
  • Controlled Shot-Shaping: The Aviar’s neutral flight pattern also makes it a great choice for players who want to shape their shots. By manipulating the angle at which you release the Aviar, you can control the height and angle of your shot, making it easier to navigate obstacles and get your disc to the basket.


Some well-known pros who have used the Aviar over the years include:

  • Paul McBeth
  • Ricky Wysocki
  • Sarah Hokom
  • Nate Doss


So Who Will Get the Most Benefit Out of This Disc?

The Aviar by Innova is a great choice for beginner disc golfers, as well as experienced players looking for a reliable, straight-flying putter. Its neutral flight pattern, comfortable grip, and tough plastic make it a great all-round disc that can be used for a whole host of different shots on the course. Whether you’re putting from short range or trying to shape your shots, the Aviar is a disc you can rely on to get the job done.

Here’s a few things to mull over before deciding which version of the Aviar is the one you want.

Step 1: Choose the Right Weight

One of the first things to consider when before buying yours is the weight of the disc. Innova offers the Aviar in a range of weights, from lighter to heavier, so it’s important to choose the right one for you. Lighter weights are generally better for beginners, as they’re easier to control and throw. Heavier weights are better for experienced players who want more stability in their putts.

Step 2: Get the Right Plastic

Innova offers the Aviar in several different types of plastic (see below), each with its own unique feel and characteristics. Some plastics are more overstable, while others are more understable. It’s important to choose the plastic that feels the most comfortable to you and fits your playing style. (More on plastics in the below section)

Step 3: Practice Your Putting Motion

Once you have the right weight and plastic, it’s time to practice your putting motion. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, and focus on keeping your body relaxed and your arm straight as you make your putt. Experiment with different arm motions and speeds until you find the one that works best for you.

Step 4: Try Different Shots Types

Try practicing short, medium, and long putts, as well as approach shots and upshots. As you get more comfortable with the Aviar, you can start to experiment with different shot types and see what works best for you.

Step 5: Practice, Practice, Practice!

The key to using this disc effortlessly is practice. The more you practice with this disc, the better you’ll get at controlling its flight and making accurate shots. So make sure to get out to your local disc golf course and put in some time with your Aviar. If you can’t play regularly on a course, hit the park ,a beach, or some woodlands. Woodland will certainly help you to focus a lot more on straight shots, or to work nice s-bends around those trees. This is a more advanced technique and you could certainly mash up your Aviar with constant tree collisions, so if you don’t know how to bend your disc’s flight hang off until later!


Here’s a rundown of some of the different plastics and what they do:

  1. DX Plastic: DX plastic is the most basic type of plastic that Innova offers. It’s the least expensive option and is great for beginners who are just starting out with the Aviar. DX plastic is a bit more flexible than other plastics, which can make it easier to control.
  2. Pro Plastic: Pro plastic is a step up from DX plastic in terms of quality and durability. It’s a bit more rigid, which can make it more challenging to control, but it’s also more resistant to wear and tear. Pro plastic is great for players who are looking for a reliable, long-lasting putter.
  3. Champion Plastic: Champion plastic is the highest-quality plastic that Innova has on the table. It’s extremely durable and is designed to withstand even the toughest conditions on the disc golf course. Champion plastic is also more overstable than other plastics, making it the right choice for seasoned players who are looking for a more advanced putter.
  4. Star Plastic: Star plastic is a special blend of plastics that offers a unique feel and durability. Star plastic is known for its excellent grip, even in wet or humid conditions, and it’s also more overstable than other plastics. This makes it a great choice for experienced vets who want a reliable putter that can handle a variety of shot types and conditions on the course.
  5. GStar Plastic: GStar plastic is a blend of Star plastic and another type of plastic that provides an even grippier feel. It’s a bit more flexible than Star plastic, making it easier to control for some players. GStar plastic is ideal for players who want a putter with a good balance of durability and control.
  6. Blizzard Technology: Blizzard Technology is a special type of plastic that’s infused with microbubbles to make the disc lighter and more overstable. This makes it a great choice for players who are looking for a putter that’s easy to control, especially in windy conditions.
  7. XT Plastic: A higher level standard plastic with excellent grip in any weather. It feels good and sticky and is a touch on the firm side.



In conclusion, the Innova Aviar is a versatile putter that’s great for players of all skill levels. Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been playing for years, this disc is a reliable choice for short- to medium-range putts and approach shots. By choosing the right weight, plastic, and grip, and practicing your putting motion, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a more confident and skilled disc golf player. And i take it that’s what you want to grab one if you haven’t already and hit the course with aplomb.