The Best Mid-Range Discs For Beginners

Mid-range discs are a dime a dozen these days and the sheer volume of options can completely overwhelm you especially when you’re new to the game. If you don’t want to tear all your hair out on the course make sure you try plenty of slower 5 speed and under stable to understable discs as these will help your accuracy. You might feel the need for speed, but just not yet.

Nothing worse than seeing your motivation sink everytime you hurl a stinker. Disc Golf’s supposed to be fun so try not to make it harder than it already is.

So what are the best midrange discs for beginners? Well here’s a few to begin with. 20 for starters in no particular order… (they are all great discs and the internet and this site has enough best list articles- to really improve your game try loads of discs, what’s good for the goose isn’t always good for the gander).


Discraft Buzzz

The most famous disc, let alone mid-range ever. You’ll love it because it’s so netral, so accurate. It goes where you want it to. Forearms, backhands, it doesn’t matter. Mid-ranges are supposed to be straight and this is oh so ever, even undramatically so at times. But if you want to reduce your scorecards master this one disc and you’ll get there. The classic Buzzz is Reviewed here on this site, and the skinny on the Esp variety can be found here.


Innova Mako3

The next beginner friendly disc is the Innova Mako3. It’s super straight flying which makes it not the ideal disc you want if you want to bend some extreme flight angles. But as this is a beginners guide that’s exactly what yiu want and need from a mid. Once you master distance and can pin point a disc on a sixpence you can move it to mastering s-bends, hyzers and  thumber your discs through tight angles.


Prodigy M4

High-level players can have a field day with the famed M4 but so can newbs. You will love it’s plush smooth release grip and with a little practice you’ll be landing this disc with a left or right sided finish. Throw it gently and it’s fly a dead straight line. If you’re on a course with a lot of trees this disc can get you out of jail real fast.


Innova Wolf

Remember at the start when I recommended getting some understable mids? Well the Wolf is Innova’s most understable disc. If you’re driver is driving you nuts grab a lightweight Wolf and learn to gently throw with this and save weeks of frustration. Once you master the low speed Wolf you can move on to more challenging discs. The only drawback is it only comes in base plastic. This disc is also great for mid level players on those days when you’re joints are stiff and you don’t want to exert a lot of power.


SS Buzzz by Discraft

The super stable Buzzz by disc Discraft expands the mold set by the most famous disc in the world and embellishes it with a little more understability. Brilliant when you’re first learning disc golf. Extreme long lasting Z plastic is the order of the day on these disc runs but as well as durability it also feels great in the hand.

Is there a shot the SS can’t handle? Lauch mind-bending turovers, hyzers, tunnels or forehand flicks, oh and it can handle traditional flat releases extremely well.


Dynamic Disc’s Truth

The truth is another great option to refine your game with when you’re just starting out. The Truth or the e-Mac Truth as it’s known (designed by world champion Eric McCabe) does what a good mid-range should do, and that’s fly straight without any fuss.

It has a ton of glide (rated 5- 7 is maximum) which will keep it up in the air longer without you having to do much except release it as clean as you can. With a bit of practice you can soon 300 feet with this and maintain a lot of control.


Latitude 64 Pearl

Another understable monster, the Pearl is targeted at beginners, low arm speed players and kids. It’s flight is very neutral with virtually no fade at the end of the shot, proving it’s thrown easy. So if you’re a RHBH player and you release the disc fairly flat it will turn slowly to the right once released and gently fade back to center roughly lining up 150-275 ft in the distance directly on line where you threw it from.

This is a 4 speed disc with a lot of glide (6 out of a max 7 rating) so you don’t need to give it a lot of welly to get it going.


Discraft Comet

This is a great neutral training tool for newbs. For pinpoint accurate shots. You’ll be keen to crank this wide diameter disc out on straight barrel tunnel shots and sweeping anhyzers once the need arises.

Once you start getting the rounds in you can hit a lot more advanced shaping shots with it. Especially loooong hyzers. It’s a tad more stable than the flight numbers suggest.

Some people complain about the big bead, high profile wide rim, but stick with it as you have to see this thing effortless fly in the air. It’s a work of art. Great disc for finessing your’re form once you get more advanced.


Dynamic Disc’s Patrol

A bit faster than the previous mentioned Comet, this disc is more understable (-3 turn). The turn certainly counteracts the 5 speed

Good for beginners and anyone with smaller hands will appreciate the smaller rim. Thrown with low arm speed it’ll fly straight with very little turning , for RHBH players it’ll stand up and move ever so slightly to the right.

Good for approach shots and hey leave that driver down and use this off the Tee instead.


Westside Tursa

The Westside Tursas is another understable mid-range so it is beginner friendly. It’s a good disc to help you master turnovers and forehand hyzer flips. This disk first has only been on the market since 2013 but it’s getting a lot of popularity.

One of the good things about it is it has plenty of glide so so even if you’re not a big arm thrower you’d be looking to make 300 ft with this. So if you’re starting out and using this disc if you release it was a slight hyzer angle it will flip up and start to go a little to the right about halfway into its flight. During the last 50% this will make its way back to flat and have a nice gentle late feed right at the end of the flight.

For those crazy turnovers put a good chunk of spin and speed into the disc – it doesn’t matter if you haven’t developed a lot of power it’s all about experimenting and if you want a bigger turn just give it some more powa.


Further Mid-Range Discs Reading

I have also put together a post with of my favorite mid-ranges for players of all abilities.

By Brock Highland

Owner @, a University for Disc Golf fans.

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