How To Perfect The Hyzer Flip

Another one in our Disc Golf University Series, this time this post is on the Hyzer Flip.

One of the most entertaining shots in all of disc golf is the Hyzer Flip, without a doubt. But perfecting this shot is also difficult. A specific kind of disc must be used, and it must be positioned at an angle that enables the disc to entirely change its angle as it flies. Sounds crazy but it can be done. But it’s very awesome once you get it down.

Disc golf is all about hyzers and anhyzers (annys). On my post here I’ve discussed the difference. There is also a version of the hyzer named the spike hyzer. I’m sure you’ve heard or seen someone do it around your course. But this article is all about performing the HYZER FLIP, which can be a tough taskmaster all on its own.

Spoiler alert – YOU WANT TO KNOW THE ESSENCE OF THE HYZER FLIP – its the perfect combo of using an understable disc and putting a hyzer release angle on it.

You need the Hyzer Flip in your locker. Why? It can get you out of many a sticky hole and it’s a must have shot if you want to substantially up your game and advance your course-playing abilities.

This article will discuss the Hyzer Flip, the various situations in which it can be used, the types of discs that can be used, and more. It’ll take you a few minutes to read, so stick around till the end as I’m sure you’ll have something to take away from it and add to your game.

Just like footballers players like to perform the Ronaldo flick you’ll want to have the hyzer flip in your skillset. So let’s get on with perfecting it!

What does a disc golf Hyzer Flip entail?

You want the disc to “flip to flat” – A disc that is understable and released at a hyzer angle is used to throw a Hyzer Flip. As the disc flies it flips up aka turns up to flat. When it does this the nose drops and this creates extra glide so the disc stays longer in the air on a nice straight trajectory.

A hyzer flip is used to counteract an understable discs natural inclination to want to turn towards the right. Instead of going right it rotates to a flat position – hence the disc golf term FLIP TO FLAT  –  the disc then flies straight after the flip rotation.


The Hyzer Flip Is Similar To The S-Shot & Flex Shot

If there’s one shot the Hyzer Flip is comparable to, think of the S-Shot. Well 2, when you include the Flex shot. Except that you throw at a hyzer angle. You use an understable disc for an S-Shot and release it flat.  An overstable disc is used for a Flex shot and you release it with an anhyzer. Apart from the disc types and angle of release all 3 shots are similar in nature.

Disc Golf is all about angles, flat, anny or hyzer.

Hyzer flips will provide more distance on practical disc golf lines you have to make. Once you get your form dialed in you can get more distance than you normally would with a given disc and you can make some tight lines between trees and obstacles when you need to.

Compared to throwing a flex shot you need a lot more room to throw into. You can use hyzers to tunnel through some really tight lines. A hyzer can certainly get you out of trouble in this respect.

To sum up:

When you need to get around obstacles or trees – FLEX

When you need to go straight and long – HYZER


3 Things Needed In Traction To Perform A Hyzer Flip

  1. An understable disc
  2. The correct hyzer release angle
  3. The appropriate amount of arm power to flip the disc

Step By Step Hyzer Flip Instructions

Release the disc on an hyzer angle. No better way of explaining than watching this video.

Choose the right disc. It has to be UNDERSTABLE and have a high GLIDE rating, 4 -6 will do. If you don’t understand the disc golf ratings system check out my article here “disc golf numbers explained“. Basically you want the disc to stay long in the air and gather distance so a high glide rating is essential.

Choose a disc with the right amount of TURN. A high turn disc will turnover much faster. A disc with a -2 to -3 rating will do.

Choose a disc with a small amount of FADE. You want it to end straight so don’t choose anything with a higher fade rating of 2.


2 Reasons On The Course To Use A Hyzer Flip

Hyzer flips are used mainly for 2 reasons. For straight barrel tunnel shots where you have a narrow field of view to hit a straight shot. Think tunnel shots between wooded courses. A mid-range with little fade like the Buzzz mentioned all over this site will do.

If you can’t get long enough with the Buzzz a fairway/distance driver will do.

For max distance down the fairway WITHOUT going bolt arrow straight a hyzer flip is often used by pros. Its definitely one to use with a wide angle of view in front of you, one where you aren’t restricted by angles or obstacles.

The right disc, the proper release angle, and the right arm speed are all requirements for a successful hyzer flip. Before you can successfully do a hyzer flip on a regular basis, you need to strike a balance between these three factors. Easier said that done without a load of practice work.

[Grab some cones and head out for some distance field work and crank them hyzers out. Over time you’ll build up an incredibly fast arm whip and you’ll have those discs accelerating out of your hand]

Before mastering this shot you might go through a lot of disc release angles and experiments with power requirements before getting it right. Unfortunately getting it right and doing it consistently are 2 different things!

To perform a hyzer flip correctly look for these tell-tale signs. The disc should initially start out with a hyzer angle and then flip up to flat as the flight progresses.


What Happens To A Disc When You Flip It Hyzer Style

Before we move on to that its important to understand physics and disc mechanics. Under normal circumstances right-handed backhand throws cause discs to rotate in a clockwise direction. Your disc will attempt to move in the same direction it is spinning.

So you throw it high enough the disc will want to finish off to the left (unless it hits the ground before it stops spinning).

Then with a hyzer angle you are persuading the disc move to where it actually wants to go. So if your disc actually flips to flat you have thrown it with enough force. Happy days.

If your disc fades to the right try again with less power or put more hyzer angle on it. If you are still not finding it try a disc with higher speed.




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