Keep It Chilled When You Play Disc Golf

disc golf coolers

One thing that kept cropping up over and over again in my best disc golf bag post was cooler bags. Over and over again. I’m a big fan of them especially as things can get hot out on the course in the searing hot U.S. heat.

I like my drinks ice cold, i even fill them in thermal water coolers. I like my grub cold as well. Its just who i am and can’t see myself changing on this any time soon. There are some amazing cooler bags on the market right now and here’s a round-up of some of the best of ’em.

So What Do You Need In A Good Disc Golf Cooler Bag?

Space, compact or  space done cleverly. Toughness, leak proof, plus the space to carry all your discs. A lot of disc capacity or a little, that is up to you, and there are cooler bags on the market that do both. Little itty-bitty bags with a cooler compartment like the Throwback Sack to huge drink centric party bags like the StarFrame Brick Cooler bag.

You’ll find them all mentioned in the details below.


No 1. Dynamic Discs Commander Cooler Backpack

Seriously expensive, but much loved by those who don’t mind spending that little bit extra on their favorite sport. Naturally the Commander is aimed at deep pockets it repays you by having extra large deep side pockets.

The way this thing holds discs is nice. You can slide 4 discs in the main compartment in descending vertical pouches. You can fit at least another 6 in the bottom of the main compartment at the sides of the cooler.

There is plenty of space in the cooler so you won’t get thirsty or hungry in a hurry. You’ll fit an additional 2 water bottles in the side – plus they fit snug.

There’s another 2 small zipper pouches for your keys, wallet and scorecards.

The cooler can easily fit 4 cans in there with plenty of room for ice packs.

The bag also stands tall when you set it down as many bags flip over and your discs and everything you’ve packed in the bag goes haywire when it flips.

What’s Good

Durability – well built, everything fits snug

loads of pockets – extra large size pockets, small pockets on the side, dual water bottle holders, and a cooler

Good layout- easy to find discs

Stands Up- won’t mess your discs and equipment up

What’s Bad

Expensive – not for anyone on a budget

Could hold more discs, the large cooler pouch and side pockets sacrifices disc space.

Heavy- anyone with a delicate frame may not look forward to lugging this about all day, especially when its packed.


No 2. StarFrame Bags Brick Cooler Bag 2.0

The party rocker has arrived. This is a beast of a bag that is drink friendly. It can hold up to 24 cans and if you’re interested in disc golf at the same time it can easily hold 16 discs.

Or maybe you just want to pack a load of food and refreshments for a family disc golf day or use your bag to keep everyones food & drinks chilled.

The straps are very comfortable and the bag is soft padded to relieve the stress on your back. The padding is great on steep coursers, makes the bag feel light and not a burden.

What’s Good?

You don’t need to open the entire bag to get a drink out. Just pop open the u shaped zipper and grab and go.

The top disc compartment is reinforced to protect it crumbling. This keeps your discs safe and stops your bag falling over.

What’s Bad?

Overkill. The bag is a bit niche, seriously targeted to drinks connoisseurs. There are no support dividers in the front cooler so if its only lightly packed cans are gonna move about a lot.

Which can also cause the bag to collapse and fall over. The solution is to pack a towel or some clothing layers in there if you are light on cans.


No 3. Throwback Sack (Throwback Sports)

This little cutey that can actually store 6 32 oz cans. Although my friend did and he ripped the liner. 12 oz cans would be a much smarter option or 4 tall boys.

It has a reinforced bottom but there is no padding on the side walls. But still due to its compact size it doesn’t collapse inwards. After a few rounds of disc golf it retains its shape pretty well.

You can actually fit up to 15 discs in it once you add a putter in the front zipper. It’s an easy fit if you take the cooler insulation out.


What’s good

Can attach backpack straps if you like to carry a heavy cooler. Side bottle holder fits a large hydro or yeti. Insulated phone pocket, though not good for large phones. Bag stays upright when planted.

What’s bad

shoulder strap not adequate for carrying heavy cooler content and full set of discs. Putter pocket too small. Space is sabotaged by the cooler. No speaker pocket.


No 4. Dynamic Discs Soldier Cooler Bag

This bag makes a good compromise between cooler and disc capacity. I say compromise because you can fit 6 x 16 oz cans in the bag and 10-12 discs with 2 x 32 oz bottles in the sides. Very cool. But if you don’t use the cooler you can get up to 18 discs in the bag.

The compromise is more drinks or more discs. And as you bought a bag for a cooler, you’ll want mire drinks and snacks. So thats ok if you know your discs really well.

Inside the bag you have a zippered mesh to hold your scorecard, pencil or other flat items. You also have 2 small zippered pockets in the side to hold your valuables.


What’s good

Removable insulated cooler bag, can increase disc capacity when you aren’t using the cooler bag, can 2 putters in the front pocket.


What’s bad

Can only fit in 10 or 12 bags once the cooler is full. The strap should have been made with more padding, gets a little uncomfortable once your bag is full at the start of the day. No storage space for other large items like towels or hoodies. Outside water bottle holders aren’t insulated.