Towch Disc Golf Towel Pouch Review: Good For Your Game on the Course?

touch pouch towel review

In the world of disc golf, players are always searching for accessories to enhance their game, and one of those functional and fun items is a disc pouch. And right up here, the Towch Towel Pouch stands as a unique solution, combining both storage and a cleaning option for your discs in one handy tool. The Towch is crafted to protect, clean, and carry your discs, and it’s a cute lil brute to boot.

The disc golf towel pouch hangs from a tree branch, with a disc golf disc tucked inside and a carabiner attached to the top


The Towch is a hybrid accessory that doubles as a towel and a pouch and a putter pocket. It’s a sturdy well-made wee thing with reliable stitching, so it’ll be around for the long term as long as you don’t lose it (I have a tendency to lose small things) and it’s pretty resistance to wear and tear. It can store 3 discs and has carabiner slots reinforced with metal clasps to hook onto your bag or belt. So it’s a convenient and fun little towel or is it a pouch – wait it’s both :)— and it does cater to the practical aspects of disc golf by keeping your discs dry and clean during game time. But even if you don’t want to bag your discs in it, it’s handy for drying off your discs if they land in the creek.

BTW don’t you think the inspiration for the design came from a beard? Hook a carabiner on each ear, and you’ll get the picture.

Why You Need A Towch Pouch

  • Dual purpose function – holds discs and cleans them
  • Its tough and has reinforced carabiners
  • Loads of colors and easy to clean



The Towch is made from high strength cotton, which feels smooth and pretty indestructible. On the inside the cotton is a bit coarser, which helps dry and clean your discs.  It’s extremely lightweight (about 90 grams), and won’t add a burden to your gear. It can hold 3 discs and as it doubles as a towel the pouch saves valuable space, and it won’t require a separate space in your disc golf bag.

Quirky Design

The Towch distinguishes itself with a dual-purpose design; it serves as both a towel and a pouch. I wish I’d thought of that, could have made a fortune. So you can keep your main discs clean and dry, which is crucial for maintaining your grip during play. Attach the carabiners to a D-ring on your disc golf bag or clip it on your belt and you’re off to the races. This Towch also steps in as a handy guard for your hands when you have to retrieve muddy discs.

No Need To Read The Manual

Your experience with the Towch begins with its set up, of which there is basically none :).

Does It Dry Well?

The cotton is high performance and rapidly absorbs moisture, so it does exactly what its designed for. Just don’t go dropping it in a landslide or lake and expect it to do wonders.

Bag Expansion Compatibility

If you’ve got a heavily packed bag, or simply need more carrying space, the Towch acts as a minimalist expansion zone. It can comfortably hold between 3 discs, so you can expand your disc arsenal without the bulk of an additional or larger bag.  If you want to go really light and pack a sling, this thing won’t get in the way and will be a perfect accompaniment. The Towch’s compatibility with every bag on the planet means it will be a welcome addition to your gear, it won’t weigh you down or take up your space, so you can streamline your play while reducing the hassle of carrying extra items.

  • Capacity: 3 discs
  • Integration: Attaches to existing bags or belts, no need for separate or larger bag


Color Options

The Towch Disc Golf Towel Pouch comes in lots of colors. You can choose from twelve including a vibrant Perfect Pink. Having multiple colors allows you to match your Towch to your personal style or to match the rest of your gear.

  • Standard Colors: Basic selections for a classic look; greens, grays, blacks and brown.
  • Bright Colors: Such as pink, turquoise and yellows for a bold statement.

Color choices mean you can stand out on the course or opt for subtler tones that blend with your existing equipment.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the point of the Towch Disc Golf Towel Pouch?

The Towch Disc Golf Towel Pouch is renowned for being a multifunctional accessory that serves as both a towel and a pouch. Its 100% cotton construction ensures that your discs stay clean, while the pouch functionality provides a simple storage solution during your game. It’s lightweight, won’t slow you down and can act as an extra disc carry.

How good is the Towch Disc Golf Towel Pouch when used in various crap weather conditions?

The Towch Pouch is designed to clean rain and mud off your disc. Even if it’s chucking it down, the inside is made from coarser fabric so it will dry your discs and clean them, until you launch them back into the grimy grass.

What is the storage limit?

This towel pouch can hold 3 discs, depending on the thickness. It’s compact form allows you  to carry a few more discs, and of course act as a towel, so you don’t have to bulk up your bag to the gills.

Does this Towel Pouch keep your discs secure during play?

Yes, your discs will stay in place as you gallop through the course. This way, your discs are readily accessible whenever you need to make your next throw.

How does the Towch Disc Golf Towel Pouch compare to traditional disc golf bags?

The Towch Pouch is a simpler, more lightweight alternative to traditional disc golf bags. It’s best suited for quick games or rounds where carrying a full selection of discs isn’t necessary. However, it’s not a full replacement for a standard disc golf bag for carrying an entire disc collection.

Are there any specific washing or maintenance tips for the Towch Disc Golf Towel Pouch?

To maintain the integrity of your Towch Pouch, machine wash it in cold water and air dry it to keep it in prime condition for your disc golf round!