7 Classic Disc Golf Discs from the 1980s Still Used Today

classic disc golf discs

Disc golf is a much-loved sport enjoyed by players around the world. Its history is rich with classic discs that have stood the test of time, continuing to find a place in the hands of disc golf enthusiasts. In this article, we’ll delve into the top 7 classic discs of all time, with a focus on discs from the 1980s that are still used today. We’ll also touch on a few modern discs, that I feel fit in the classic territory.


Innova Leopard

The Innova Leopard, a true classic, has been a staple in disc golf since its debut in the 1980s. Known for its reliable flight path and versatility, the Leopard holds a special place in the hearts of disc golfers. Its ability to handle both power and finesse makes it a go-to choice for players of all skill levels. With a gentle fade and impressive glide, the Innova Leopard continues to soar through the air with grace, just like it did decades ago.



Discraft Buzzz

The Discraft Buzzz, another timeless gem, has remained a favorite in the disc golf community. With its consistent, straight flight and reliable performance, the Buzzz has earned its status as an essential disc for players seeking accuracy and control. It has an ESP version which is also brilliant, and naturally took it’s form from the original (see it reviewed here). Its durability and ability to hold any line make it a trusted companion for navigating the fairways. Whether it’s a precise approach or a long, controlled drive, the Buzzz continues to prove its worth, making it an indispensable part of any disc golfer’s arsenal.


Latitude 64 River

The Latitude 64 River, a classic beauty, has maintained its allure among disc golfers for decades. With its effortless glide and graceful turn, the classic fairway driver embodies the essence of finesse and precision. Disc golfers of all backgrounds continue to admire its ability to navigate wooded courses and tackle challenging fairways with elegance. As it dances through the air, the River encapsulates the timeless appeal of disc golf in every flight, reminding players of its enduring charm.



The MVP Ion, a modern classic, has made a significant impact in the disc golf landscape. Its unparalleled stability and exceptional control have made it a go-to choice for players seeking reliable performance. With a comfortable grip and a consistent fade, the Ion offers a blend of power and precision that satisfies the demands of disc golfers. As it finds its line and holds it with unwavering poise, the Ion continues to leave a lasting impression as a disc that embodies the essence of excellence and precision.


Dynamic Discs Judge

The Dynamic Discs Judge, a timeless favorite, has garnered praise for its unparalleled reliability and consistency. Disc golfers of all levels have embraced the Judge for its ability to hold a line and deliver accurate flights with unfaltering dependability. Whether it’s driving off the tee or executing delicate approaches, the Judge remains a trustworthy companion that exemplifies the attributes of control and predictability. Its enduring reputation as a go-to putter is a testament to its enduring legacy in the world of disc golf.

  • Designed for both professional and amateur disc golfers
  • Exceptional ability to hold a line and deliver accurate flights
  • Trusted go-to putter with enduring reliability and consistency
  • Suitable for driving off the tee and executing delicate approaches
  • Exemplifies control and predictability, making it a reliable companion on the course


Westside Discs Harp

The Westside Discs Harp, a timeless workhorse, has earned its place as a quintessential choice for disc golfers. Known for its exceptional fade and reliable approach capabilities, the Harp continues to be a trusted ally for players seeking consistency and precision. Its sturdy flight and dependable stability make it a valuable tool for navigating various course obstacles with confidence. As it cuts through the air, the Harp embodies the resilience and tenacity that define the enduring appeal of classic disc golf discs. Check out my Westside discs Empire bag review here if you need something to store those precious classics in.


Prodigy M2

The Prodigy M2, a modern classic rooted in tradition, has made a lasting impression on the disc golf community. With its reliable stability and versatile flight path, the M2 has become a go-to choice for players seeking a blend of control and power. Its ability to handle varying power levels and wind conditions makes it a versatile option for navigating different disc golf scenarios. As it cruises through the air with unwavering poise, the M2 continues to exemplify the timeless allure of classic discs in a modern era.


Classic Disc Golf Discs Conclusion

As we reflect on the enduring legacy of classic disc golf discs, it’s remarkable to see how these timeless treasures continue to captivate players and shape the sport. From the iconic discs of the 1980s to the modern classics that have seamlessly integrated into the disc golf landscape, each disc embodies a rich history and unwavering appeal. As players embrace these discs on the courses, their flights echo the stories of resilience, precision, and passion that define the spirit of disc golf. The classics are here to stay, and their legacy will continue to inspire and delight disc golfers for generations to come. Which classic disc holds a special place in your disc golf journey?