Discology OG V2 Disc Golf Backpack Review: Comfort Meets Capacity

Finding the right disc golf bag can take your game to the next level.

Discology’s OG V2 boasts a spacious design that allows you to carry over 26 discs, ensuring you have all your favorites within reach.

Its heavy-duty canvas material will endure the elements and the rough and tumble of outdoor sports.

The bag also offers dual putter slots and a variety of compartments for all your additional gear.

Comfort hasn’t been overlooked, with padded straps and a well-cushioned back panel, you’ll be at ease even on those long days on the course.

OG V2 Disc Golf Bag

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting, Discology’s foresight into the design will have you appreciating the balance between utility and style.

The bag’s thoughtful additions, like improved stitching and an included OG patch, mean you’re not just investing in a bag, you’re upgrading your entire disc golf experience.

Bottom Line

For anyone passionate about disc golf, the OG V2 by Discology is a solid choice.

It marries durability and style with its considerate design and robust build.

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Overview of Discology Disc Golf OG V2 Disc Golf Bag

Imagine hitting the course with a bag that’s been built with care to endure any type of weather you could encounter.

The Discology OG V2 touts its durability, fashioned from robust canvas material that resists tears, water, and scratches, allowing you to play without fretting over damage.

With enough space to carry over 26 discs, you’ll never find yourself lacking the right disc for any situation.

Plus, extra storage areas, including two putter slots and sizeable top and side compartments, ensure there’s room for all your accessories and personal items.

Organize your gear just how you like it!

What’s more, comfort hasn’t been sacrificed for durability.

This bag is intended to accompany you through entire rounds with ease, thanks to padded straps and a cushioned back area.

As a unique touch, the included Discology patch and customizable patch panel allow you to personalize your bag.

While the OG V2 boasts a significant storage capacity and attention to design detail, some users have mentioned the stitching on straps as a potential weak spot over continuous use.

However, with a strong customer service background, addressing such issues seems to be within reach.

Key Features

When it comes to enhancing your disc golf experience, a dependable and versatile bag can make all the difference.

The OG V2 from Discology Disc Golf brings together a blend of sturdiness, functionality, and convenience that could catch any player’s interest.

Premium Built Quality

The OG V2 stands out with its robust construction.

Made with high-grade Canvas material, it’s designed to withstand various weather conditions.

The double stitching on the shoulder straps and handles signifies the attention to durability.

This attention to sturdiness ensures that your bag will hold up through many games and outdoor adventures.

Large Storage Capacity

Capacity is a standout feature for the OG V2.

It confidently holds more than 26 discs, a boon for players who like to be prepared for every shot.

Additionally, it has easily accessible putter slots and generous compartment space, making it straightforward to organize and reach for your gear.

Comfort and Portability

Despite its sturdy build, the bag remains lightweight and won’t weigh you down during long rounds on the course.

Its padded back and reinforced shoulder straps emphasize comfort, so carrying your discs around feels less like a chore and more a part of the game itself.

Functional Design

The OG V2 combines functionality with a sleek look.

Equipped with customizable patch panels, this bag offers you the opportunity to personalize your gear.

Furthermore, the variety of compartments allows for easy access to discs and personal items, so you can focus on your game rather than fumbling for your gear.

New and Improved V2 Enhancements

The V2 version introduces several improvements.

Added support prevents the undesirable sagging that can occur with heavy use, and enhanced stitching on the straps addresses the wear-and-tear issues seen in the previous version.

These refinements are indicative of Discology’s commitment to evolving their products based on user feedback.

Pros and Cons


When you’re considering a trusty companion for the course, the OG V2 is quite a catch.

One of its standout features is the robust construction using water, tear, and scratch-resistant materials.

This means you’re dealing with a bag that’s ready to weather the elements with you.

Its design isn’t just about endurance; the durability extends to the shoulder straps and handles, which are double-stitched for long-lasting use.

The storage space is generous, with a capacity to carry over 26 discs—more than enough for all the discs you’ll need, plus two dedicated putter slots right up front for quick access.

And if you’re someone who carries more than just discs, the multiple large compartments have got you covered, enabling you to pack snacks, clothes, or even your trusty disc retriever.

Comfort hasn’t been compromised here, either.

The OG V2 is lightweight and features a well-padded back, ensuring that you can lug around your equipment without any unnecessary strain.

Add some style to the mix with the customizable patch panel on top, and you’ve got a bag that scores high on practicality and looks.

Despite an already strong line-up of features, improvements have been made to the V2 version for added support and better strap design, addressing past concerns and enhancing overall quality.


However, no product is without its flaws.

Some users have encountered issues with the stitching on the shoulder straps and handles, where wear and tear seem to manifest a bit sooner than you might expect.

While these are individual cases, they highlight the importance of inspecting the bag upon receipt and during its early use.

Another aspect that seems to tick the box of concern is the durability of the putter pocket and chest clip.

With reports of seam rips within months of purchase, it suggests that while the bag can carry a lot, the stress points might be a tad vulnerable under heavy use.

Finally, the bag’s accessory compartments, while spacious, may require careful packing to prevent strain on the seams and zippers.

It’s about finding that perfect balance between capacity and care.

Customer Sentiment

On your journey to pick the right disc golf bag, the sentiments from fellow players about the Discology OG V2 certainly come into play.

With an overall rating of 4 out of 5 stars from over a hundred users, it seems that you might be leaning towards a crowd favorite.

Most disc golf enthusiasts have applauded its vast storage capacity, stating you can easily fit over 20 discs along with all your gear, including drinks and a jacket.

However, it’s also important to weigh in on some concerns that customers have raised.

The stitching on the straps has been mentioned a few times for its lack of durability, with reports of tearing after only a few months of use.

But on a brighter note, the brand’s responsiveness to such issues adds a layer of reassurance.

The Discology OG V2 wins hearts with its resemblance to pricier models, offering a similar spacious and feature-rich experience without the hefty price tag.

It’s a mixed bag of solid function and a few instances of fragility.

Keep these insights in mind as they might just be the tiebreaker in your decision.


In deciding whether the OG V2 Disc Golf Bag from Discology Disc Golf suits your needs, weigh the pros and cons reported by users like you.

The strengths of this bag seem to shine in its generous storage space and comfort, allowing you to carry 25+ discs, as well as gear like towels and drinks.

The design gets a nod for being user-friendly and mimicking higher-end bags, but without a hefty price tag.

On the flip side, durability has been a concern, particularly with the straps’ stitching and the bag handle showing wear rather quickly for some.

It’s a comfort to know that customer service is accessible and responsive, ready to address such issues.

If you’re on the hunt for affordability and capacity but you’re okay with potential reinforcements or repairs down the line, this could be a solid choice.

Remember, you get a lot of the perks associated with pricier bags, with the caveat of a possible need for occasional maintenance.




Additional Features and Accessories

In our exploration of the Discology OG V2, we’ve uncovered several features that elevate this disc golf backpack beyond the basic essentials. These additional features aim to provide you with convenience and comfort that can make a notable difference during your time on the field.

Convenience on the Field

Our experiences on the course have taught us the importance of having a backpack that not only carries our discs but also seamlessly caters to our convenience needs. The Discology OG V2 backpack boasts a well-thought-out design to support this:

  • Storage: An abundance of compartments allows us to easily organize and access our gear. The main storage area is ample for our necessities, including discs and personal items.
  • Pockets: Strategic pocket placement means no more fumbling for keys or a phone – specialized pockets are at hand for these small yet significant items.
  • Patches: To personalize our bags, the OG V2 offers a top patch panel – a nifty feature for displaying patches that resonate with our personal flair or competitive achievements.
  • Padding: Both the back pad and the straps have plush padding. We’ve felt the reduced strain on our shoulders and back, even after hours of play, thanks to this thoughtful addition.
  • Additional Storage: Beyond the main compartment, additional storage nooks are a welcome surprise for items we might not want to mix with our main gear, such as snacks or a mini first-aid kit.
  • Nalgene Bottle: Quenching thirst is made easy with dedicated Nalgene bottle storage, so our hydration is just an arm’s reach away.
  • Side Pockets: Extra space on the sides holds additional items we may need quick access to, like a scorecard or pencil, underscoring the bag’s commitment to convenience.

With these accessories and features, we’re equipped for a hassle-free game. Our gear is organized, our comfort is prioritized, and our personal style is on display—truly, a sign of a well-rounded disc golf backpack.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled some of the most common questions about the Discology OG V2 Disc Golf Backpack to help you understand its features and how it compares to other bags on the market.

What are the distinctive features of the Discology OG V2 Disc Golf Backpack?

The Discology OG V2 stands out for its high disc capacity, accommodating up to 29 discs, including upper putter pouches. It also offers ample storage options and maintains comfort without being overly heavy, striking a balance between space and practicality.

How does the Discology OG V2 backpack compare to other waterproof disc golf bags?

While the OG V2 provides great value with its spacious design and aesthetics, it doesn’t specifically advertise as being waterproof. Thus, when compared to specialized waterproof bags, it might offer less protection against the elements.

Can you recommend a disc golf bag that’s manufactured in the USA with quality similar to the Discology OG V2?

We don’t have specific brand recommendations for USA-manufactured bags equatable to the Discology OG V2’s quality. However, we advise checking local disc golf retailers or forums for bags that prioritize craftsmanship and source their materials domestically.

What are the benefits of choosing an Upper Park or Infinite Discs bag over the Discology OG V2?

Upper Park and Infinite Discs bags offer unique design features and varied storage solutions. Opting for these brands may provide you with additional options like different bag layouts, comfort-focused designs, or additional accessory pockets, tailored to personal preference.

What does ‘OG’ stand for in the context of disc golf bags, and how does it apply to the Discology OG V2?

In the context of disc golf bags, ‘OG’ commonly stands for ‘Original’ or ‘Original Gangster,’ indicating it’s either the first of its kind or has a classic, enduring quality. For the Discology OG V2, it implies a time-tested design that resonates with traditional disc golf bag aesthetics and functionality.

What should I look for when selecting a disc golf bag to ensure it meets my needs?

When choosing a disc golf bag, consider disc capacity, storage for accessories, comfort, durability, and price. Look for a bag that balances these aspects to your satisfaction and caters to the specific demands of your gameplay and equipment requirements.