Westside Discs Noble Disc Golf Backpack Review: Insights and Performance Analysis

The Westside Discs Noble Backpack is a monster sized bag in the same vein as their Empire backpack. The Empire can hold 30 discs and the Noble can fit a bit less, just over 20.  Well, the bag is designed to hold up to 22 discs in its main compartment, you can fit a bit more in the top compartment and in the sides if 22 isn’t enough for you.

It’s dual bottle holders will come in particularly handy for staying hydrated on the course. Crafted from durable nylon and looking incredibly sleek in black, this bag is not just about looks; it’s built for the sport you love.

Westside Discs Noble Backpack


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Welcome to the Westside Discs Noble Disc Golf Backpack Experience

With its spacious main compartment capable of holding up to 22 discs, you’ll never find yourself short of options on the course.

You’ll appreciate the thoughtful design that includes extra space on the sides for your accessories, ensuring everything you need is within reach. The dual bottle holders are particularly useful, making it easy for you to stay hydrated throughout your game.

Feedback from fellow disc golf enthusiasts highlights the ample storage and the comfortable structure of the bag, suggesting it’s a significant upgrade from many alternatives on the market. However, some have noted that the bag could feel cumbersome when packed to full capacity.

While this backpack commands attention for its practical features and comfortable wear, a few users have pointed out a flaw that might affect your satisfaction. For a product from a reputable brand like Westside Discs, it’s essential to weigh these considerations and decide what factors are most crucial for your disc golfing needs.

Features at a Glance

Exploring the attributes of the Noble Backpack will unfold its aspects for your disc golf adventures. Be it for seasoned players or those new to the sport, understanding the pros and cons of this backpack is crucial.

Main Compartment Capacity

Ever worried about fitting all your discs in one place? The Noble Backpack answers your needs with a main compartment designed to house up to 22 discs.

The availability of space is generous, ensuring you can carry a full set for varied shots. However, keep in mind that overloading may affect the bag’s structure and your comfort.

Durable Nylon Construction

The backpack promises longevity with its nylon fabric, known for resistance to wear and tear.

The material is suitable for various weather conditions, shielding your gear from moisture and dust. While nylon is robust, it’s worth noting that continuous exposure to harsh elements like UV rays might degrade the fabric over time.

Designed for Comfort and Ease

Your ease of use has been considered with features like padded straps and a back panel, which work together to reduce strain on your shoulders and back.

The overall design focuses on balance and ergonomics, reducing the fatigue associated with carrying heavy loads. However, the comfort level can vary depending on the individual’s body shape and the load.

Extra Storage for Disc Golf Essentials

Beyond the main compartment, the bag provides additional pockets for essentials like keys, wallets, and phones.

This extra storage ensures your important items are secured and easily accessible. It’s essential to distribute your items evenly, though, to maintain the bag’s balance and prevent strain.

The Benefits Unpacked

Exploring the Noble backpack’s offerings, you’ll find a generous main compartment capable of housing up to 22 discs, making it a solid choice for players who like to come prepared with a variety of options.

Essentials beyond your disc arsenal are easily accommodated, thanks to the extra space on the sides.

Feedback from the disc golf community highlights not only the ample storage but also the dual bottle holders as a standout feature for those long days on the course.

Convenience is a focal point of the design, and though the backpack’s increased capacity when full can be somewhat cumbersome, the benefits of space often outweigh this concern.

Comparing comfort, the Noble backpack seems to set a precedent according to those who have tried various bags over a decade. Its structured comfort is often praised, though some point out a significant flaw which might affect your decision if flawless functionality is your top priority. Despite any minor shortcomings, the backpack is crafted with a disc golfer’s practical needs in mind.

Deep Dive Into the Westside Discs Noble Disc Golf Backpack Design

Disc golf enthusiasts understand the importance of a reliable backpack on the course, and the Noble Disc Golf Backpack by Westside Discs aims to meet a variety of needs.

With the capacity to hold an impressive number of discs and additional features that cater to convenience, it’s important to assess what sets this bag apart in terms of design, functionality, and comfort.


The Noble Disc Golf Backpack boasts a significant carrying capacity, easily accommodating up to 22 discs in the main compartment. The design doesn’t stop at just disc storage; it provides extra space on the sides for accessories, ensuring that you can bring along everything you need for a day on the course.

The nylon material offers durability, and the black color exudes a sleek, professional appearance.

Moreover, summarizing from the reviews, users have expressed a lot of appreciation for the bag’s storage capacity and the dual bottle holders, which evidently are a distinct advantage for many players.

The comfort level is another highlighted selling point, with customers pointing out that compared to other bags they’ve had over the years, the Noble backpack wins on comfort and features.


However, every product has room for improvement. From a critical standpoint, some users found that when the backpack is fully loaded, carrying it around can become cumbersome.

Additionally, while many positive remarks have been made about the bag’s structure, a few users have encountered what they describe as a “major flaw” that has impacted their overall satisfaction with the bag.

This downside seems to revolve around design choices that, while crafted with disc golfers in mind, do not fully meet everyone’s expectations.

What Players Are Saying

The feedback from those who have taken to the course with this backpack offers valuable insights.

Many praise its ample storage capacity, highlighting the convenience of being able to carry up to 22 discs along with other essentials.

The dual bottle holders have been a standout feature, earning appreciation for their practicality during extended play.

Comfort hasn’t gone unnoticed either; seasoned players compare it favorably to other bags used over a decade of play, giving it top marks for both features and comfort.

However, it’s not without its drawbacks. There’s a notable mention of a significant flaw that some players feel hinders their love for the bag, suggesting it might not be the ultimate choice for every player.

Final Thoughts on the Noble Disc Golf Backpack

If you’re considering adding a new disc golf backpack to your gear, the Noble Backpack by Westside Discs is worth looking into.

Players appreciate the ample storage. They note that it holds up to 22 discs with additional space for accessories. The inclusion of two bottle holders is often highlighted as a significant convenience, enhancing the bag’s functionality during long courses.

Despite its strengths, some players have mentioned that the bag can become cumbersome when packed to the brim.


The Westside Discs Noble Backpack emerges as a solid premium choice in disc golf gear, targeted at players who prioritize storage capacity and durability. Your discs, accessories, and personal items find a well-organized home in this backpack’s various compartments, enabled to accommodate a full selection by design. The bag boasts a water-resistant bottom and five plastic feet to keep it upright and dry, mitigating ground moisture infiltration.

Key features include:

  • Spacious main compartment for discs
  • Dual bottle holders
  • Two large zippered pockets for valuables
  • Additional elastic mesh pocket on one side

Your experience on the course benefits from convenience, thanks to its ample storage. The dual bottle holders are particularly beneficial for hydration—a critical element through extended rounds of play. Its robust build reflects quality that seeks to withstand the wear and tear of regular use, potentially serving you well for multiple seasons.

Users like you who have reviewed the product confirm its functional design and build quality. With a 100% positive rating from a sourced number of reviews, your confidence in this bag’s performance on the course is underscored.

When choosing a disc golf backpack, your personal requirements for space, comfort, and endurance must guide your decision. If these criteria top your list, the Westside Discs Noble Backpack could well be your next companion on the green.

Frequently Asked Questions

As you explore the Westside Discs Noble Disc Golf Backpack, you may have several questions about its features, capacity, durability, comfort, and customer satisfaction. Below are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.

What are the standout features of the Westside Discs Noble Disc Golf Backpack?

The Westside Discs Noble Disc Golf Backpack offers extensive storage options, with specific compartments for discs, towels, and accessories. It is designed with a water-resistant bottom and five plastic feet to keep it upright and dry.

How does the capacity of the Westside Discs Noble Disc Golf Backpack compare with other disc golf bags?

The Noble Backpack has a premium capacity, equipped to hold numerous discs and all necessary gear for a disc golf course. Compared to other disc golf bags, it provides ample space for discs as well as snacks, water, and valuables.

What are the durability and material quality like for the Westside Discs Noble Disc Golf Backpack?

Constructed with high-quality materials, the Westside Discs Noble Backpack is designed for durability. Its water-resistant bottom and sturdy feet promote longevity and protect the contents from moisture and rough terrain.

Can the Westside Discs Noble Disc Golf Backpack accommodate all the gear needed for a disc golf course?

Yes, the Noble Backpack is designed to carry everything required for a disc golf course, with specialized storage options that allow for easy organization and access during the game.

How comfortable is the Westside Discs Noble Disc Golf Backpack when fully loaded?

Customer reviews highlight the comfort of the Noble Backpack, even when fully loaded. The design includes features aimed at comfort, such as a comfortably structured harness system to manage the weight efficiently.

What are the customer feedback and ratings for the Westside Discs Noble Disc Golf Backpack from various review platforms?

The Noble Backpack receives high praise across various review platforms, with many users giving positive feedback on its feature set, comfort, and durability. It consistently earns high ratings, indicating strong customer satisfaction.