Discology Izzo Bag Review: Great Quality at Non-Premium Prices

The Discology IZZO Bag is a “tournament ready” bag with generous disc capacity combined with a robust build quality. It comes with reinforced side walls which stop your bag going all floppy. So Discology wants this bag to be a serious contender, and I have to say it is.

Amateurs will love it and more seasoned palyers will get a lot out of this bag, that boasts a spacious main compartment that can hold 22 discs, with the option to slot in more in  it’s additional side pockets. If the thought of packing close to 30 discs in a sturdy, well padded bag with good zippers impresses you, well, this could be the one.

If you are regularly hitting murky terrain, it’s water and tear-resistant fabric is set to impress.

Discology IZZO Bag



From extra putter pouches to a large bottle compartment, everything has been thoughtfully placed for your convenience.

Standing sturdy and not prone to tipping over easily, the IZZO bag is both practical and stylish, making your playing experience quite enjoyable.


Hassle Free playing With Quality Workmanship

The Discology IZZO Bag could be the reliable partner you seek on the disc golf course. With its vast storage, quality build, and user-friendly features, it makes the gameplay hassle-free.

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IZZO Overview

If you’re an avid disc golfer looking for a reliable companion on the course, the IZZO Bag by Discology Disc Golf could be a strong contender.

Holding a generous number of discs (up to 28) with ease, and offering additional space for more, this backpack is a workhorse for players carrying a large collection.

It’s not just about capacity, though; the various pouches and compartments ensure all your essentials accompany you.

Crafted with durability in mind, the IZZO is weather and tear-resistant, arguably standing up to the rigors of regular play.

Comfort wasn’t overlooked either, as the bag feels good on your back with ample padding and supportive design.

If refreshments are part of your game plan, the bag has a spot for your water bottle, although it could be snug depending on the size of your bottle.

Your search for style on the greens may end with this bag as well—it sports an eye-catching green and black design.

While most users manage to handle the supports without trouble, some have noted the initial setup can be a bit fiddly, potentially testing your patience.

Remember, a steady hand during setup leads to a sturdy bag throughout the game.


When you’re considering a new addition to your disc golf gear, the features of the Discology IZZO Bag may tip the scales in its favor. Below, we’ll explore the attributes that set this bag apart.

Premium Build Quality

Nobody wants to invest in a bag that can’t withstand the rigors of outdoor sports.

The IZZO showcases its resilience with materials that are both water and tear-resistant, ensuring that your discs and accessories remain secure regardless of the weather.

Its construction boasts durability, so you can trust it to accompany you through countless rounds.

High Disc Capacity

For the players who love options, this bag accommodates a hefty number of discs – 22 in the main compartment alone.

If you’re the type that likes to be prepared for every possible throw, you’ll appreciate the additional storage in the top and side compartments, maximizing your disc-carrying capability comfortably.

Comfort and Design

Your experience on the course relies heavily on comfort, and the IZZO doesn’t disappoint.

Its thoughtful design dedicates itself to ensuring that your gear is not a burden to carry.

With straps that distribute weight evenly, and a form that encourages stability, this bag is designed for a pleasant journey from hole to hole.

Abundant Storage Options

A disc golf game isn’t just about the discs.

The IZZO appreciates that by offering spacious compartments for anything you might need on the course.

A place for your water bottle, secure pockets for valuables, and extra space for snacks and apparel ensure you’re well-equipped for a full day of play.

Pros and Cons


  • Capacity & Storage: This bag has room to spare for your discs, boasting a capacity of 28+ with additional space in the top and side compartments. You’ll have no trouble fitting all your essential gear.
  • Quality Construction: Made from materials that are both weather and tear resistant, the IZZO bag is designed to endure the elements and the wear and tear of regular use on the course.
  • Comfort & Design: Padded for comfort and designed not to tip over, the IZZO bag aims to make your time on the course as pleasant as possible. Its straps and back area are well-cushioned, ensuring that carrying the bag around is a breeze.


  • Complicated Setup: Some users have noted that inserting the hard side supports can be a tricky process, sometimes requiring more force than expected.
  • Durability Concerns: Despite its high-quality materials, there have been instances of ripping and strap buckles breaking within a few months of use.
  • Water Bottle Compartment Size: The water bottle pocket may be too small for some users, and its placement alongside the storage for an umbrella or retriever can be less than ideal.

Carrying Convenience

When you’re out playing disc golf, having the right bag can make all the difference. With the IZZO Bag’s sizable capacity, you’ll effortlessly carry over 22 discs, and thanks to additional compartments, expanding your collection on the go is easy.

Despite its size, comfort isn’t sacrificed, as the straps are padded and the fabric quality ensures a pleasant feel against your back. Some golfers noted that the side supports can be tough to install, but once in place, they keep the bag upright and sturdy.

On the downside, if you carry a large water bottle, you might find the designated pocket a tad snug.

The IZZO cleverly combines function with fashion, evident in its sleek appearance that doesn’t compromise on utility, making it a suitable companion for your disc golf adventures.

The bag’s thoughtful design includes a range of pockets for different uses and easy access to your putters.

It comes in a stylish green and black color scheme, presenting both a professional look and resilience to the elements.

Just keep in mind, while it excels in storage capacity and design, the feel of the fabric and structural integrity after prolonged use might vary.


It’s time to weigh in on whether the IZZO Bag by Discology Disc Golf matches up to the expectations of disc golf enthusiasts.

It’s clear that it promises and predominantly succeeds in delivering ample space, boasting an impressive capacity for 28+ discs.

The sturdy design is another win, with materials that seem to resist water and endure wear and tear. Yet, everything has its pros and cons.

Some users have pointed out that the water bottle pocket could benefit from a size upgrade, and there’s been mention of the side supports being a challenge to install, which might test your patience.

However, comfort isn’t overlooked; the thick padding ensures the bag doesn’t just sit on your back, it hugs it.

While there are a few gripes about durability, with reports of ripping and strap issues, these incidents seem more like exceptions rather than the rule.

Overall, if you’re set on a bag that can haul your comprehensive disc collection and accessories with relative ease, and you don’t mind spending a bit of time setting it up, the IZZO Bag could be a worthy companion on the course.

Just keep in mind the slight quirks and pack a little extra patience for the initial setup.