Dotpraise Bag Review: Is It A Serious Contender?

Dotpraise disc golf bag review

There are so many elements to enjoying and, in practical terms, participating in this sport that it’s hard to know where to start these days. Disc golf accessories are everywhere. Some times it just boils down to a matter of personal choice; other times it’s style, sometimes its functionality; and sometimes you get it all right: choice, functionality, and style. Having the right gear can make all the difference to some players for the aforementioned reasons. My experience with Dotpraise’s range of bags has shown that they strike a fine balance between budget, capacity, and convenience, and they definitely can cater to the needs of both beginners and more frequent players alike.

Not sure if the purists are gonna like it that much, but it’s lightweight and rated to hold 15 discs at a push, and especially to annoy the purists, it’s definitely a Slinger rip-off, but that’s not anything to necessarily complain about.

So a good dollop of thought has gone into the design process, which also reflects some common-sense consideration of what a player really needs to carry on the course. And what does a player really need on the course, I mean, really need? Well, that’s a question for this age, as someone can get by on a cheap burner, and another person needs the latest iPhone 29X and will upgrade a perfectly good piece of technology as soon as the latest edition comes out. My point is, you don’t necessarily need the best and latest hi-tech equipment to play disc golf. It’s more about who you are as a person, and what you think is best for you.

I’m not all about the budget; in fact, the Ranger which is nearly 3 times the cost of this, is one of my favorite bags. But I do like having small sling bags, smaller than this offering by DotPraise, and I also like bags that have a bit more capacity and don’t cost the earth like this one.

So with the Dotpraise, you are going to get some moderate levels of comfort and quick access to your discs and personal items. Which is the name of the game for people who want a no-fuss, keenly priced bag.

So whether it’s a casual round at the local park or a competitive match, Dotpraise bags have got it right in the practicality and usefulness departments. And elements like water-resistant materials add an extra layer of peace of mind for the life of the bag and for getting you through all types of weather conditions.


Size and Adjustability

The Dotpraise Disc Golf Bag is mid sized and can hold 10-12 discs in the main compartment, with the potential to add a few more if needed. It depends if you want to add a towel and a sandwich.  Some Sling bags offer close to the same disc storage, but where are you gonna throw a hoodie or towel in them? Exactly, so this albeit, is not a massive bag, but it does give you a bit of extra room to sore some foldable items. It also has an adjustable strap that can be repositioned to suit either shoulder. With a weight of just 1.3 pounds, you could stick this on a 2-year-old’s back and they could walk around with it all day without noticing.

Material Breakdown

Crafted from waterproof material, there is some extra attention to resisting wear and tear on the disc course with the 600D Nylon fabric and the protective liner on the bottom, which is made from PVC and offers some protection if you set it down on mud or wet grass. So this bag is ready for a bit of that outdoor rough and tumble. It also has dividers inside to help the bag keep it’s shape.



Can fit about 12 discs in the main compartment and 3 in the putter pouch. It can also hold a regular-sized water bottle, which can be secured with a drawstring. There is room to hold a disc retriever on the side and there are enough pockets on the rear and back to hold all your personal items.



The padding is basic, but it does offer a mild bit of support on the back and on the strap, as you won’t be carrying a lot in this bag except for discs and maybe a folded-up jacket or hoodie, and your sunglasses. It’s adequate enough to see you through 18 rounds on the course. There is also a telescopic rod strap or umbrella holder on the side and a zipper pocket on the back for your scorecard or pens.


Whats Good


Water Resistant


Enough Pockets for casual rounds

Umbrella/Rod holder


Whats Bad

Not a load of padding

Limited color choices

Mid sized bag can’t store a lot of extra accessories

Won’t hold a Nalgene water bottle

Strap is very long



This is a good functional bag from Dotpraise. It’s not going to compete with the big boys in terms of luxury or construction, but it ain’t gonna fall apart after one round of disc golf either. It’s sturdy enough to handle regular game time, and it has got some ok padding, so comfort is not an issue. The strap is a bit on the long side and can sag if you are challenged in the height department. This will definitely make a good supplemental bag or can act as your mainstay if you are not precious about brand names and don’t need a ton of discs to take out with you every time you play.