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Dallas Wrinkle Playing at Clearwater Maine

Hi, I'm Brock

Howdy Disc Golfers! I've put together a wealth of material on this site about Disc Golf. I've learned lots and made plenty of mistakes over my years ripping up courses all over the world. Expect equipment reviews, throwing techniques, what discs the pros pack and even how to survive a disc golf apocalypse.

Are you struggling to choose the best disc golf bag? Never using an Innova Teebird but want to do some research on it before you buy? Not sure which disc golf shoes to wear? Read on.

 I've tried to add the heavy facts and offset that with some of my bad humour.

Access a wealth of resources that will help you bag the best discs for YOU. No matter how many experts endorse a particular mid-range or driver not everyone has the same experience using the same discs used by Paul McBeth, Sockibomb Wysocki or Kristin Tattar. I've also gathered the feedback from thousands of players, fans and respected coaches and condensed it into my gear reviews.

Say Hi, be nice, dig in & ENJOY.

There are some affiliate links on my posts which help me make a commission on qualifying purchases from the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. This helps me pump money back in the site and pay for some stuff.


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