STAR FRAME Brick 2.0 Disc Golf Bag Review: Top Choice?

Ever struggled with carrying your discs on the course alongside keeping your refreshments cold? The STAR FRAME Brick 2.0 could be the game-changer you’re looking for in the world of disc golf bags. With its built-in insulated cooler that can hold up to 24 cans, this backpack is designed to deliver both convenience and function.

When you’re out on the disc golf course, you don’t just want any bag – you want a caddy that’s got your back. We’ve taken a close look at the Brick 2.0, and it’s shaping up to be quite the “cool” choice when hydration is as important as your game time.

Not only can the bag comfortably house 16 discs, but its well-thought-out design ensures that all of your disc golf necessities are within easy reach. The light yet durable build coupled with extensive storage solutions, including a spacious putter pocket, addresses what every disc golfer needs when out on the course.

STAR FRAME Brick 2.0 Disc Golf Bag

Time For An Upgrade?

If it’s time to upgrade your disc golf game with functionality and style, consider the STAR FRAME Brick 2.0. Its ample storage, alongside a cooler for your refreshment needs, ticks the right boxes for serious and casual players alike.

Eager for seamless disc golf sessions with chilled beverages at hand? Check out the STAR FRAME Brick 2.0 Disc Golf Bag and make your next game cooler than ever.


If you’re regular game player you don’t always need to try and break records. Some days you want to kick back relax, grab your crew and a load of cans. Well, this provides that and room for a good number of discs. Boasting a large insulated cooler that holds up to 24 cans, this bag ensures your beverages stay chilled throughout your game. Moreover, disc capacity isn’t compromised as it can carry up to 16 discs.

The durability is enhanced with the inclusion of hard inserts, which also help the bag maintain its structure when loaded. The convenience factors are high, with multiple storage pockets for personal items, a phone sleeve for capturing game moments, and a dual putter pocket—all within an arm’s reach. Comfort features like breathable back padding and reinforced shoulder straps promote even weight distribution, reducing strain during play.

That said, some users have noted that the bag’s stability can be compromised if the cooler isn’t full, potentially leading to tipped discs. While the straps are praised for their comfort, there have been occasional reports of durability issues, such as snapped straps or broken zippers. Overall, for those in need of combined disc and beverage transport, the Brick 2.0 stands out for its generous space and well-thought-out features, balancing comfort against minor concerns about stability and wear.

Insulated Cooler With 24-Can Capacity

With the “Brick 2.0” bag, you’ll find the innovative insulation feature quite compelling. Built into the lower section is a cooler spacious enough to store up to 24 cans, which is beneficial if you’re planning an extended outing on the disc golf course. The PEVA lining is a thoughtful addition to prevent potential leakages, ensuring whatever you pack remains cool over time.

Despite these strengths, there is a trade-off to consider regarding weight and stability. When the cooler isn’t full, there have been mentions of the bag being less stable, posing a risk of tipping over and thus making disc retrieval less convenient. Maintenance of shape is critical; hence, the cooler’s capacity must often be utilized to retain structure and function.

Attention to detail in the design translates to increased comfort for you, with features like breathable padding and durable straps. If utility and space rank high on your priority list, this cooler feature impressively extends the bag’s versatility, although it comes with its own set of considerations regarding weight and balance.

Disc Storage Capacity

When considering disc golf bag options, evaluating storage function is critical. The STAR FRAME Brick 2.0 supports your game by holding a generous array of up to 16 discs. Whether you’re packing drivers, mid-ranges, or putters, the bag is designed to accommodate your selection nicely.

The balance between capacity and accessibility is well-maintained, providing ease in changing out discs as needed. Plus, the inclusion of a huge putter pocket ensures your go-to discs are at your fingertips, reducing any fumbling during play.

Users have found the storage ample for casual rounds and competitive play alike, with the large insulated cooler centrally positioned, preventing the bag from becoming cumbersome even when fully stocked. The cooler’s capability to fit up to 24 cans delineates its spacious nature, yet it remarkably doesn’t encroach on the disc compartments.

The bag’s design truly echoes a thoughtful consideration for a disc golfer’s practical needs, ensuring both your hydration and your game are well taken care of.

Bag Infrastructure and Durability

When considering the Brick 2.0 by STAR FRAME, you’ll notice that durability is one of its key components. The choice of rubber material suggests the bag is designed to withstand the everyday wear and tear of disc golf. Users find the structure of the backpack well thought out, with an ample top deck that accommodates numerous discs and still leaves room to spare.

Although the in-built cooler increases the weight of the bag, it offers a significant benefit by keeping drinks cold, underscoring the bag’s dual functionality as both storage and a portable cooler. The comfort of the straps is frequently highlighted, which is crucial for those long days on the course.

On the downside, there have been mentions of stability issues. The bag tends to tip over and spill discs if the cooler isn’t filled, indicating a potential design imbalance when not fully loaded. Also, some users have experienced durability concerns with the straps and zippers, potentially reducing the bag’s longevity with heavy use.

Overall, this backpack blends substantial disc space and essential features with a hefty cooler function, crafted to cater to an avid disc golfer’s needs. However, it’s good to weigh the convenience of cold beverages against the potential for wear-related issues.

Unique Storage Features

Exploring the distinctive storage innovations of the Star Frame Brick 2.0 Disc Golf Bag reveals its standout convenience for disc golf enthusiasts. The designers have integrated an impressively large insulated cooler at the base, which not only comfortably fits up to 24 cans but also incorporates a PEVA lining to ensure the contents remain chilled for extended periods, avoiding any potential leakage issues.

Above the cooler sits the main disc storage area, which can house up to 16 discs. The strategic U-shaped zipper grants effortless access to your discs while securely containing them, even when traversing rugged disc golf terrains. This section is further enhanced with hard shell inserts, fortifying the bag’s structure and preserving its shape when fully stocked.

Beyond disc and refreshment storage, the bag boasts multiple organization options. It features a spacious putter pocket for two putters, a sizeable drink pocket for larger containers, and three additional storage pockets perfect for personal belongings such as keys, wallets, and phones. An innovative phone sleeve enables easy recording of your game without the fuss. Comfort hasn’t been neglected, with a focus on a breathable back padding, robust shoulder straps with adjustable sternum support, and a rubber-studded custom bottom for stability. This bag clearly puts thoughtful details into its storage capabilities, striking a balance between abundant space and structural integrity.

Comfort and Portability

When it comes to transporting your equipment around the course, this disc golf bag raises the bar for combining storage capacity with ease of carry. With its breathable soft back padding and reinforced shoulder straps, you’ll find even weight distribution is a breeze when the bag is fully loaded. These features, coupled with an adjustable sternum strap, lead to a more comfortable experience during extended play.

However, it’s worth noting the bag’s stability seems to hinge on the cooler’s fullness. While the cooler’s capacity is generous, keeping it fully stocked is essential to prevent the bag from tipping and discs potentially spilling out. Should you opt not to use the cooler function, the added weight might be something to consider.

Overall, the thoughtful design aims for durability and user comfort, and the rubber studs on the custom bottom of the bag help it stay upright on any terrain. Although there have been mentions of the bag not maintaining its sturdiness in all conditions, individual experiences may vary.

Pros and Cons

When evaluating the STAR FRAME Brick 2.0 Disc Golf Bag, it’s essential to weigh both the positive aspects and potential drawbacks to make an informed decision. Let’s break down what this disc golf bag has to offer and the issues that may arise.


  • Built-in Cooler: One of the standout features is the large insulated cooler capable of holding up to 24 cans. It’s lined with PEVA to prevent leaks, ensuring that your beverages remain chilled for extended periods.
  • Disc Capacity: The bag comfortably holds up to 16 discs in the top compartment designed with a U-shape zipper for secure and easy access.
  • Sturdy Design: The bag’s infrastructure has been reinforced with new hard inserts, helping it maintain its shape and durability, even when fully loaded.
  • Ample Storage: Aside from room for your retro, new and go to hyzer discs, you have three spacious pockets for personal items, a large drink pocket, can and seltzer holders, a new phone sleeve for recording plays, and a roomy putter pocket that can hold two putters.
  • Comfort and Durability: Features such as breathable padding, reinforced shoulder straps, and an adjustable sternum strap provide comfort and even weight distribution. The bag also has a specialized bottom with rubber studs to keep it upright and stable.


  • Stability Concerns: Without the cooler section being filled, the bag may lack stability, which can result in it tipping over and discs potentially spilling out. This is partly because the main disc pouch isn’t deep enough to retain discs when the bag isn’t balanced.
  • Possible Durability Issues: Despite improvements, there are reports of a strap snapping off and a zipper breaking, suggesting potential durability problems with heavy or long-term use.
  • Weight Considerations: If the built-in cooler doesn’t appeal to you, the bag might be unnecessarily heavy, which could be impractical for some players seeking a lighter option.
  • Mixed Longevity: Some users have expressed disappointment with the lifespan of the comfort features, indicating that while the bag starts off comfortable, this may not persist over time.

In summary, while the Brick 2.0 boasts impressive features for disc golf enthusiasts, it’s important to consider whether the benefits align with your personal needs and how the cons might impact your experience on the course.

Customer Reviews

Feedback from customers highlights the practicality and innovative features of the STAR FRAME Brick 2.0 Disc Golf Bag. You’ll find numerous mentions of its capacious cooler, comfortably fitting 24 cans, which is appreciated for those long days on the course. Users report its ample storage is a boon, with space for up to 16 discs and extras like a phone pocket and bottle opener.

However, the reviews reveal some drawbacks. For instance, the bag’s stability is questioned when the cooler is not in use, with potential issues such as it tipping over and causing inconvenience. There are also durability concerns with reports of a snapped strap and a broken zipper, suggesting a potential compromise in build quality.

Conditionally, depending on whether you need a cooler, the Brick 2.0 is praised; for those who don’t, the bag’s extra weight is considered a detriment. Lastly, customer service appears proactive and responsive, especially highlighted in an instance involving delivery issues.


In determining whether the STAR FRAME Brick 2.0 is the right fit for your disc golfing needs, consider the bag’s ample storage. Users appreciated the generous cooler compartment with a 24-can capacity, ensuring beverages stay chilled throughout the game. The top deck is commended for holding a solid number of discs and some users noted the comfort provided by the robust shoulder straps.

However, stability issues were mentioned when the cooler isn’t fully utilized, causing the bag to tip and discs to potentially spill. Durability could be a concern as well, with some reports of strap and zipper malfunctions. Despite these considerations, the general sentiment suggests that the Brick 2.0 elevates the disc golf experience, especially for those prioritizing hydration on the course.

While the bag’s feature set offers convenience and a seamless game-day experience, it’s essential to weigh your specific needs against reported concerns before making a decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

What features distinguish the Star Frame Brick 2.0 from other high-end disc golf bags?

The Brick 2.0 stands out with its generous cooler, designed to hold up to 24 cans with a leak-proof PEVA lining. Its structural enhancements, such as the addition of hard shell inserts, maintain the bag’s shape and durability, ensuring it holds up under heavy use. The bag offers a plethora of functional pockets, including a new sleeve for easy phone access, a dual putter pocket, and ample room for discs, adding to its unmatched storage capabilities.

How does the cooler capacity of the Star Frame Brick 2.0 compare with other disc golf bags with built-in coolers?

In comparison, the Star Frame Brick 2.0’s cooler is notably large, offering a 24-can capacity which is at the upper end of cooler sizes for disc golf bags. The insulation quality is designed to keep contents cold for extended periods, and the bag’s tight-sealing design is tailored to prevent leaks that could damage your equipment.

What considerations should be taken into account when selecting a disc golf bag for tournament play?

When choosing a bag for tournaments, consider storage capacity, durability, comfort, and stability. The Brick 2.0 offers a substantial top compartment for discs, durable construction with strong materials, and reinforced shoulder straps with a sternum strap for even weight distribution. Its rubber-studded bottom helps the bag stand upright, crucial for swift access during competitive play.

Can the Star Frame Brick 2.0 accommodate a small disc golf bag setup, and how does it adapt to minimal equipment needs?

Even with a smaller setup, the Brick 2.0 adapts well. Its top compartment can fit a smaller number of discs, leaving extra space for personal items or snacks. The big cooler can either be used for its intended purpose or as additional storage. The design includes various pockets for keys, wallet, and phone, ensuring that the bag remains practical even when not fully loaded.

How do customer reviews on Reddit depict the practicality and durability of the Star Frame Brick 2.0 disc golf bag?

On Reddit, customers have voiced that the Brick 2.0’s practical features like its spacious cooler, comfortable straps, and multiple pockets for discs and personal items meet their needs. Durability concerns have been noted in a few cases, with mentions of strap and zipper issues under heavy use, suggesting that while the bag offers many conveniences, it may have some vulnerabilities.

What advantages does the Star Frame Brick 2.0 offer compared to other popular disc golf bags like the Squatch or Athletico?

The Brick 2.0 holds its own against options like the Squatch or Athletico, mainly because of its exceptional cooler size and specialized pockets, including one for phone recording. Its emphasis on back support and even weight distribution provides comfort, and the structural hard inserts give this bag an edge in maintaining its durability and shape over time.