Dynamic Discs Handeye Supply Mission Rig Bag Review: Do You Need This?

Exploring new gear can be as thrilling as nailing that perfect shot on the green, which is why we’re excited to talk about the Mission Rig Disc Golf Bag from Dynamic Discs.

Boasting convenient storage and a sleek design, this bag promises to be a reliable companion for both seasoned players and those new to the sport of disc golf.

Sitting comfortably on your back while you traverse the course, the Mission Rig offers space for over 20 discs, allowing you to carry a versatile range for every play.

Its sturdy build and thoughtful design include a hard bottom that keeps it upright, and the nylon material in an Abyss color ensures durability with a touch of style.

D·D Dynamic Discs Mission Rig Disc Golf Bag

While most feedback is glowing, mentioning the ample storage and the convenience of the water bottle slot, some users have noted a challenge with the installation of the support panels.

It’s a minor hiccup in what otherwise seems like a smooth experience. Users also appreciate the patchwork and the structured design that prevents the bag from toppling over.

What it offers

For disciples of disc golf looking to upgrade their gear, the Mission Rig by Dynamic Discs comes highly recommended.

With its ample space, durability, and practical design, it stands out as an excellent choice for anyone passionate about the game.

Ready to own the course with efficiency and style? Check out the Mission Rig Disc Golf Bag here and see how it can transform your game.


DYNAMIC DISCS Mission Rig Overview

Exploring the world of disc golf bags, we’ve stumbled upon the D·D Mission Rig, which comes off as a considerable option for enthusiasts seeking to carry a large assortment of discs.

With a capacity to hold over 20 discs, this backpack is designed to meet the needs of both amateur and seasoned disc golfers.

Crafted from durable nylon, the bag promises longevity and is presented in a unique “Abyss” color that’s likely to stand out in a sea of conventional bags.

We’ve heard from users that the main disc compartment comfortably fits more than 18 discs, making it a workhorse for carrying everything needed for the game.

Although some find the installation of support panels a bit tricky with no instructions provided, once set up, the bag’s structure is appreciated for its rigidity and ability to stand upright on its own—especially on varied terrains.

The presence of several well-thought-out pockets and the hard bottom design are mentioned frequently as favorite features, as they add to the convenience and cleanliness of the bag.

However, a few customers have experienced durability concerns over a period of months, with reports of wear and tear appearing sooner than expected.

Despite this, the general consensus highlights the bag’s clever design, including a water bottle slot that’s been conveniently integrated, and the overall satisfaction with its build and storage capabilities keep disc golfers interested in this rugged yet stylish bag.


When we’re on the course, knowing our gear can keep up with the day’s demands is crucial. Let’s take a closer look at what the Mission Rig Disc Golf Bag has to offer, considering its best and not-as-shining features.

Main Disc Compartment

The heart of this bag is the expansive main disc compartment. Designed to hold over 18 discs, it ensures we have all the necessary frisbees for every possible throw.

For players who like to be prepared for every type of course, having this kind of capacity is a big plus.

Material Quality

Crafted from nylon, the bag promises durability and resilience against the elements.

Nylon is known for its hard-wearing properties, which means it can stand up to the rough-and-tumble nature of disc golf courses.

Plus, the abyss color adds a touch of class to this bag’s appearance while hiding dirt and wear effectively.

Design & Comfort

Comfort and style go hand in hand with this bag. Its clever design distributes the weight across our backs, minimizing strain during long rounds.

The padded straps are a boon, making it easier to carry around a full load of discs.

As for its appearance, the unique colors really make this bag stand out on the green.

Storage & Accessibility

Beyond the main compartment, five additional storage pockets provide ample space for everything we need on the course.

These pockets are perfect for holding our personal items, snacks, and extra gear.

Not only does this bag let us carry all our discs, but it also ensures that our essentials are within reach whenever we need them.

Pros and Cons

When looking for the perfect companion to carry your discs on the green, it’s essential to weigh the positive and negative aspects to ensure you’re getting the most out of your purchase.


  • Durability and Comfort: Users have highlighted the Mission Rig’s quality material and well-sewn patches, appreciating the rigidity and sturdiness it provides when set down. The bag’s design ensures it doesn’t topple over easily, which brings a sense of reliance to your game.
  • Storage Space: As its name suggests, this bag is like a mission control for disc golf enthusiasts, boasting a capacity of 20+ discs in the main compartment and multiple pockets for accessories. The storage versatility is a real draw for players who like to be prepared for every situation.
  • Aesthetic: The unique colors and the overall design of the bag set it apart on the field, ensuring you stand out with style in a sea of more subdued bags.
  • Comfortable Straps: With comfort in mind, the straps have been well-thought-out, providing ease during transportation, even when the bag is fully loaded.


  • Setup Challenge: Some customers have mentioned the initial setup, particularly the installation of support panels, to be somewhat tricky, with a lack of clear instructions leading to slight frustration.
  • Durability Concerns: A handful of customers noted that within a few months of use, the bag began showing wear and tear, prompting some concerns about its long-term resilience compared to other bags they’ve used.
  • Cost Consideration: There’s no denying that you’ll be investing a bit more into this bag compared to basic options. While on sale, it might be more tempting, but the original price can be a hurdle for some budgets.

Customer Reviews

Our dive into what users are saying about the Mission Rig Disc Golf Bag reveals a generally positive sentiment.

Users rave about the ample storage space, noting it comfortably holds over 20 discs plus extras. There’s specific love for the hard bottom which keeps the bag upright and clean when placed on the ground.

That said, a few found the setup process, particularly installing the support panels, a bit challenging due to the lack of instructions. However, once assembled, the bag scores points for its rigid structure and thoughtful pocket placement.

It’s not all perfect, though. Some customers have reported durability concerns, with occasional wear and tear appearing after several months of use.

But these seem to be isolated cases amidst a sea of praise for the bag’s design and functionality.

Unique Features

When it comes to hauling our colorful array of discs on the course, the Mission Rig might just be the helping hand we need.

This bag isn’t shy about space, boasting a main compartment that can comfortably welcome over 18 discs.

It’s not just about quantity, though; the quality of this carry-all is apparent in its durable nylon construction that promises to weather our outdoor adventures.

Our frisbees are not the only items getting VIP treatment; the Mission Rig also presents us with five additional storage pockets.

These nooks are perfect for stashing our essentials, from keys and wallets to snacks and extra gear.

And if blending into the background isn’t our style, the unique colors offered, like the Abyss, ensure our bag stands out as much as our game does.

It’s not about being flashy—it’s about having a dependable, stylish companion that carries it all without breaking a sweat.


In wrapping up our thoughts on the Mission Rig Disc Golf Bag, we appreciate its generous storage that comfortably houses over 20 discs, making it a suitable choice for seasoned players.

The bag’s unique colors and design allow it to shine amidst a sea of standard options. The multiple well-thought-out pockets and a durable, rigid base contribute to a well-organized and clean setup during play.

Feedback highlights that the setup can be a bit tricky without instructions, especially concerning the supportive panels.

Once assembled, the bag’s quality and convenience are evident, offering comfort and stability. However, some have concerns about the bag’s long-term durability, as wear and tear may show sooner than expected for some.

It may carry a higher price tag, but for those who took the plunge during a sale, the value seemed in line with the cost. Keeping in mind these considerations, it strikes us as a bag that offers a lot for an avid disc golfer, despite some minor caveats.