Dynamic Discs Latitude 64 Core Backpack: Top Pick for Disc Golfers?

Fresh off the course, we’ve had the chance to test out the Latitude 64 Core Disc Golf Backpack from DYNAMIC DISCS and it’s one to watch out for, especially if you’re serious about disc golf. With enough space to carry 20 discs, this medium-sized bag has worked wonders for our game days – offering ample storage in a conveniently compact form.

Latitude 64 Core Disc Golf Backpack

One thing we really appreciate is the two-section top compartment which came in handy for our putters and extra accessories. Sure, you might miss having a dedicated water bottle holder, but it compensates with two side pockets. The bag itself is made from durable nylon and the Red New Edition color looks striking on the green. On a full round, it remains comfortable and lightweight on the shoulders.

Bottom Line

For the price point, the Latitude 64 Core backpack punches above its weight. It’s a sturdy, reliable, and stylish companion for any disc golfer.

Although you might need to get creative with storing your water bottle, you’ll love the bag for its durability and easy disc access.

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 Latitude 64 Core Overview

Stepping onto the course with the Core backpack, we noticed its impressive capacity right off the bat. Capable of holding about 20 discs, including a separate top compartment, this medium-sized, nylon bag in a vibrant red seems to have been designed with a player’s convenience in mind. The dual-section top makes accessing putters a breeze; We could fit up to five without any cramming.

We’ve found that the main compartment can snugly fit around 18 discs, perfect for players who like to carry a full set. While the bag stands upright quite well and is easy to carry around, some of us mentioned that a deeper main pocket would be ideal to ensure that the discs stay secure, especially if you’re the type who sprints towards the next hole.

The lack of a designated water bottle holder was a bit of a letdown, as staying hydrated is key during long rounds. However, the side pockets are quite roomy. One of us managed to pack in snacks and a small bottle, besides the essentials. Given its light weight and durability, the Core backpack has been a reliable companion on numerous outings, though we’ve been careful not to tip it over due to the shallower walls.

It’s a solid choice, especially for seasoned players looking for a step up from basic models. Its build quality definitely punches above its weight, and you can feel the thoughtfulness in its design.

Comfort and Fit

In our hands-on time with the 64 Core, we’ve found that the comfort level is impressive – it’s lightweight and doesn’t strain the shoulders even when fully loaded. Despite carrying around 20 discs in our typical session, we’ve noticed that the backpack’s straps remain comfortable, and the bag’s weight distribution helps maintain good posture.

However, we’ve encountered a few hiccups concerning the fit. The main compartment, while spacious, has a relatively shallow wall which sometimes lets discs slip out if the bag tips over. To sidestep this, we’ve learned to limit the number of discs in the top compartment, preserving the bag’s balance.

The absence of a dedicated water bottle holder is a slight drawback, but creative packers among us have still managed to squeeze in a bottle alongside the discs. Overall, it’s a solid piece of gear that won’t let you down on the course, though a couple of tweaks could elevate it to perfection.

Storage Capacity

After a few rounds on the course with the Latitude 64 Core Backpack, we’re pretty impressed with its ability to lug around all the discs we could need for a day. It’s marketed for carrying 20 discs, which is a solid amount for both casual and competitive players. When we tested it out, it proved true to its claim, comfortably fitting a mix of drivers, mid-ranges, and putters.

The top compartment is designed in two sections, which is a smart touch for organizing accessories or separating a few special discs. Also, those two side pockets are more useful than we initially thought. We could throw in our keys, wallet, and even a water bottle – things we need quick access to between throws.

Overall, while it’s not the biggest bag on the market, the smart use of space makes it feel roomy without being bulky. Our discs were easy to access, and everything stayed secure and organized, which is exactly what we look for in a great disc golf bag.

Material Quality

Upon getting our hands on this Core Disc Golf Backpack, we were first struck by the durable nylon material. It stands up to the wear and tear that comes with frequent use on the course, and after several rounds, it’s held its shape and withstood the test of time. Although it’s a medium-sized bag, it doesn’t feel bulky or cumbersome, which is a big plus for us players who like to keep things light and manageable.

However, it’s not all perfect. While it’s great that we can fit a good number of discs, it’s worth noting the main compartment isn’t as robust as some would like. A few of us have noticed that if the bag isn’t packed carefully, there’s a tendency for the discs to spill out if it tips over. That said, the bag feels premium compared to entry-level options, and it doesn’t come with the heftier price tag that can deter casual players from committing to a quality bag.

It’s clear from regular use that the backpack was thought out with disc enthusiasts in mind, but we couldn’t help but wish for a dedicated water bottle holder to round out its practical design. It’s these little details that can make or break the user experience, and while it’s a solid bag through and through, a spot for hydration would make it just that much better.

Design and Style

When we first laid eyes on the Latitude 64, the vibrant red color immediately caught our attention. It’s a striking piece that not only looks good on the course but also stands out from the crowd. Keeping form and function in harmony, the bag offers a sleek yet utilitarian design that appeals to both casual players and serious disc golfers alike.

The backpack has a thoughtful division of space, with a main compartment holding up to 20 discs—a mix of drivers, mid-ranges, and putters. The comfortable straps make carrying the bag around for an entire afternoon a breeze, ensuring we don’t end up with sore shoulders. Adding to convenience, there are two sizable side pockets for additional storage.

Despite the spaciousness, we appreciate that the bag doesn’t feel bulky or cumbersome. It sits upright without tipping over, making it easy to access our discs. The high-quality materials used assure us of its durability and readiness to take on any course. While we would’ve loved more color options, the red new edition does have a certain allure that we can’t overlook.

Pros and Cons

Carrying around your disc golf gear has never felt more breezy! We’ve had the pleasure of taking the Latitude 64 Core Backpack for several spins on the course, and it’s time to weigh in on what’s to love and what might not be up to par.


  • Comfort: Straight off the tee, we’ve noticed the comfort level with this backpack is sky-high! Hauling around 20 discs could be a pain, but not with this bag’s design.
  • Capacity: The main compartment snugly fits around 18 discs, including 3 putters, and the top section can easily welcome an additional 2-4 discs without breaking a sweat.
  • Ease of Access: No more fumbling for your favorite putter! The top pocket flap conveniently folds over, allowing us quick access to our go-to discs.
  • Sturdiness: When it comes to standing up straight, this bag performs admirably, even when fully loaded. Plus, the quality feels premium, much better than your average entry-level bag.
  • Storage: Besides the disc compartments, there’s a surprising amount of room for essentials – even a water bottle and a six-pack can make the cut, although it’s a snug fit.


  • Water Bottle Holder: A slight misstep here – there’s a notable absence of a dedicated water bottle holder, which might leave you figuring out how to stay hydrated on longer rounds.
  • Shallow Main Compartment: When your game is more intense, and you’re constantly on the move, discs might jostle and risk falling out. A deeper main pocket would have kept them more secure.
  • Tipping Concerns: If you’re someone who maxes out the storage, be cautious. Overloading the top can turn the bag top-heavy, making it prone to tipping over – a balancing act we’d rather not perform.

Our rounds with this backpack have shown us it’s got a lot under the hood for most disc golfers. Sure, there are a couple of areas for improvement, but for the price point, it’s a solid competitor, keeping our gear in check and our game on point.

Customer Reviews

Having spent quite some time with the Core Disc Golf Backpack, we’ve seen a lot of feedback from the disc golf community. Priced at a reasonable point, it’s a bag that seems to live up to its promises for the most part, hitting the sweet spot for value and functionality. We can pack a solid 18 discs in the main compartment and a few more in the top, making it a great option for those who want to keep their most-used discs within easy reach.

It’s noticeable that there isn’t a dedicated water bottle pocket, which is a bit of an oversight for outdoor sports gear. Despite that, users appreciate the lightweight design and the backpack’s durability, citing its comfort when carrying a full load of discs. We’ve observed it to be stable enough to stand upright, which is a relief during a long day on the course.

The main critique we’ve come across relates to the shallow main pocket; if you’re not careful, discs might tumble out if the bag tips. Still, we’ve also heard of players fitting not just their discs but a bit more, highlighting its practicality for a casual round with friends. The absence of the water bottle holder might be a dealbreaker for some, yet overall, the friendly discussions among us suggest the Core Backpack holds its own as a reliable choice for players looking to make an upgrade from basic bags.


After spending quality time with this Dynamic Discs backpack on the course, we’ve really come to appreciate its virtues. Holding up to 20 discs effortlessly, this bag hits a sweet spot between capacity and comfort. We’ve found ourselves impressed with how our discs, including three putters, fit neatly with room to spare for those extra drivers we like to test out.

Though the bag stands sturdy and its construction promises durability, we did notice the absence of a dedicated water bottle holder—a minor inconvenience on hot days. Additionally, the main compartment’s shallow walls sometimes meant our discs were more prone to spilling out if the bag tipped.

On the upside, the top section is a game-changer for grab-and-go access to our favorite putters. We love that the flap tucks away neatly, and despite the depth of the main compartment, our gear felt secure.

In sum, this backpack offers great value. It’s not without its flaws, but for a day on the course, the comfort and functionality outweigh the niggles. We’re definitely keeping this one in our gear rotation.

Frequently Asked Questions

When we’re out on the course, having the right bag can make all the difference. It’s not just about carrying discs; it’s about organization, comfort, and of course, style. We’ve seen a lot of chatter about the new Latitude 64 bags and we understand you might have some questions. So, here are the answers to some of the most common queries we come across.

What are the main differences between the Latitude 64 Core and Core Pro bags?

From our experience, the key distinctions lie in the materials used and the overall design. The Core bag is a solid choice for casual play, but the Core Pro steps it up with enhanced durability and additional features that cater to the more frequent or professional player. The Core Pro usually offers upgraded compartmentalization and may come with bonus comforts like padded straps.

How does the Latitude 64 Core Pro bag compare to the Dynamic Discs Trooper bag?

Both are great bags, but they cater to different needs. The Core Pro and Trooper bag vary slightly in design and capacity. Our time with the Core Pro has shown us it holds discs securely and offers substantial room, but the Trooper might have an edge if you prefer a more compact and straightforward bag. It’s really about personal preference and how much gear you like to carry.

What improvements have been made in the Latitude 64 Core Pro E2 model?

The E2 model brings us new features based on player feedback. We’ve noticed sturdier construction and more thoughtful storage options. The changes aren’t revolutionary, but they’re definitely quality-of-life improvements that show Latitude 64 listens to its user base.

What is the storage capacity and organization like in the Latitude 64 DG Luxury E4 Backpack?

This backpack boasts a generous main compartment that’s capable of holding a substantial number of discs, which is impressive. Based on our use, the thoughtful organization pockets keep everything from your keys to your snacks secure and accessible. This backpack feels like a portable locker with its intuitive layout.

Can you provide a summary of features for the Latitude 64 Core Pro bag?

The Core Pro bag is like a trusty sidekick on the disc golf course. It’s got a hefty disc capacity without feeling bulky or cumbersome. While using it, we appreciated the convenient top compartment, which is perfect for frequently used discs or personal items. It doesn’t just stop at capacity; the comfort during carry is notable too.

What is the relationship between Dynamic Discs and Latitude 64 in terms of brand and product collaboration?

These two brands have a synergistic relationship, often seen collaborating on various products. They both contribute their expertise to create top-notch disc golf gear, and users like us benefit from this partnership with high-quality equipment that doesn’t compromise on performance or style.

Bag Comparisons

When we put the Latitude 64 Core Backpack side by side with its competitors, various features stand out. Many of you might know that a common challenge with disc golf bags is the balance between capacity and comfort. The Core seems to nail a sweet spot; it comfortably houses about 20 discs without feeling bulky—one of the more impressive capacities we’ve seen without the bag tipping over, a hassle we’ve come across with some others.

What’s also appreciated by many of us in the community is the top compartment that conveniently fits a few extra putters. Now, although we’ve seen some bags which offer dedicated water bottle slots, this one skips on that. It’s not a dealbreaker for everyone, but on those hot summer days, that feature is surely missed.

Durability came up quite a bit in our talks. With its sturdy nylon material, the bag holds up nicely against wear and tear, something that’s often a concern with lesser-quality options. However, a few have noted the main disc compartment’s shallow walls could allow discs to escape when the bag is not upright—a contrast to other bags that keep everything snug.

For a day on the course, the Latitude 64 Core strikes an agreeable harmony between what we expect and what we wish for in a disc golf bag. Its comfort and lightweight design give it an edge over heavier, bulkier options, though the lack of a water bottle holder does leave a little room for improvement.